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What kind of Metal Detector do you use?

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  • What kind of Metal Detector do you use?

    Looking to buy a MD soon, looking for some information (good or bad) on Metal Detectors you have now or have used in the past. Research shows the Whites MXT to be a good all around choice for AK. Anybody have any info, experiences, etc... What do YOU use??

    Thanks all

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    I have a Minelab GP3500. I swear this thing will pick up low flying aircraft! The manual is pitifully lacking and it is a bear to tune - at least where I'm at. I also have a Whites Spectrum XLT which I found a gold ring with 7 diamonds the first time I used it. The problem with the XLT is the pinpointing - there is none. You could easily dig a hole a foot in diameter before finding your target; that's not good enough for me. I think the MXT would be a great md.


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      A good place to start


      The Minelab GP3500 is quite a machine from what I have read. I have a Gold Bug II and like it for what we use it for. The bigger Minelab machines are pulse induction types. They are awesome at ignoring 'hot' ground mineralized conditions and pick up targets at a greater depth. The GB II is known for finding smaller nuggets and pieces of gold. That has proven true for us as our claim in in a region known for smaller gold. Spend some time thinking about what the mineralization level is where you will be using your machine most frequently. Budget also comes into play for most folks. The big Minelabs are the top of the line machines but with the weak US dollar they are getting more expensive.

      A great place to start your reasearch is with Steve Herschbach's input. He is very knowledgeable and has helped me in the past. Here is a link to a site where he talks about the current machines on the market.

      If the hyperlink does not work:

      Best of luck in your search,

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        Thanks Bruce. Actually one of the first stops I make in Anchorage will be Steve's store to get him to help me set my detector. I've read all the docs and watched several DVD's but having someone set the 20 or so buttons would be a real help. Best of luck with your claim!


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          Mine is a White's GMT. Pretty decent and sensitive, and doesn't cost an arm, leg, and your first born like the Minelabs. (about $600...last I heard) I have heard that the MXT is a better "all around" detector, but I wanted a "gold only". Get the MXT if you also want to detect for coins, rings, etc.

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            I also have the gold bug great!
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              I'm Pro-Pike.


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                Seconds on the MXT. If I only one detector and wanted it to be multi-use it's what I would go with. If I had the extra money I'd pick up one of the new Minelab 4500s.


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                  New to the sight but was wondering if anyone knew were to find information on who has rights to certain gold claimes. Im assuming the state has it on record but is there a web sight that you can look it up by location?


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                    Check out this site for mine info

           It's a starting point, or go talk to the BLM folks.


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                      Enter public site. Great info was you learn how to use it.



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