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  • Prince Williams Sound Mines

    I have been up to a few of the old mines out in the Prince Williams Sound. Any body ever see info on the history of these mines. They all seem to of operated before Statehood and only Township Plat in is recorded. A little in the Cruising Guide but limited.
    I plan on going back out and explore a couple more like the one that has a mile Aquaduct and water wheel that drove a hammermill.

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    I'm surprised nothing. I have been to a mine with a 12 foot water wheel that ran a stamp mill, off a mile aqua duct. One with a couple miles of track. Some with old dump trucks and dozers and dredge lines. Old rusty generators camps and tons of equipment. Thought some one would of heard or been there and found some thing out. I have a whole 9 mines to explore all by my self, yahoooooooo


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      Do a search of the mining districts in PWS. There are 3-4 districts. All of the old mining reports are online somewhere. Most have lat. and long. and a general description. (2,500' on the east side of No Name Creek)

      There are a ton of them out there. Inthe Valdez district I think alone I found 181 mining reports.

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        You might want to post over on the alaska gold forums, some of the guys there have done alot of reasearch on the old mines.
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          you can also check the mining info page with the interactive mapper

 I believe.


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            I've been doing research on the kenai mines and have found that there is a massive amount of information in the UAA and UAF libraries and archives. They have excellent research staff that might point you in the right direction, in a few minutes I find they can help me locate months worth of material that might have taken me much longer to find on my own.
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              well the AMD map was or seems to only be active claims. I already know where 5 or 6 mine sites are and they have not been active most since Statehood in 1959. Some had hit as late as 1972.
              I only did a liitle at UAA but will for sure hit them up.
              One thing for sure I'm going to make a couple more trips in to them and see what all I can find like the 1940 dump truck, or ?


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                Mine Shaft oh WOW

                Well walked into one of the mines I found, there was a mine shaft in excellent shape 5 foot wide by 10 foot ceiling that went way back we went about 300 to 400 feet and stopped, where not prep'ed only had one flash light and rubber boots. Ceiling opened up to 40 feet in spots and there was lots of Quartz vains. Found a little gold, but never done anything like that before.
                Before I get lots of Danger Danger notes, not many would of not gone for a look see. Mine dug in 1917, oar cars, 2 miles of wire rope, stamp mill, pumps and jack hammers all very old stuff.


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                  I've wanted to check out some of the mines out in the sound but just haven't had the chance. So far my trips have been not catching fish trips, so until the freezer is fuller, no time to wander around the old diggings.

                  My co-worker just moved out of state and gave me her collection of Lethcoe books, the PWS history and PWS geology books have more information on the mines then the cruising guide. Most of the mines were closed down during WWII as they weren't considered essential wartime activities, and economics closed the others. As I recall the biggest gold producer was actually a copper mine that produced a signifigant amount of silver and gold.

                  I've always found old mines fascinating.
                  Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

                  If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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                    Piranha - I assume that was Culross mine??


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                      One of Two

                      Yes it was, didn't take a camera. Seem to have some facination myself with these mines ever since in the mid 70's finding one with a stamp mill powered by a water wheel, a 1920's dump truck and a 3 story building. Found the Copper/Silver mine that once had it's own US Postoffice. Now if I only knew how to find gold, LOL!


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                        akpir... the Valdez museum has some history i need to fog up some gray matter, here but my buddy and i located 56 old mines between town and tsania lodge at 36 mile.. if your down that way look up the harbor master Tim lopez... ( think he still is) and ask about his YOUNGEST bro... he and his wife moved to anchorage few years back. i lost contact with them.. but he had a lot of old maps of the region that showed what your looking for...

                        the stamp mill you've been to i guessing is up mineral creek area? there is one out in sawmill bay and more mines out the gold creek trail .... by the way.. the gold creek shaft is one of the RICHEST in history... it flooded after the 1964 quake... it ran about 1 mile out UNDER the water across from Anderson bay.. any one that has fished along there knows the water runes about 300 foot and deeper..

                        they tried pumping it for years but it came to be such a leaker it was no longer feasable...
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