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Little Susitna Or Crow Creek?

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  • Little Susitna Or Crow Creek?

    I was curious where to spend my time looking for gold using a sluice box and/or pan. I am curious if it is worthwhile heading up torwards Hatcher Pass and taking the Gold Mint Trail and working on the Little Susitna or go to Crow creek in Girdwood? What's your opinion?

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    My family has done both.

    We prefer Crow Creek.

    In our experience the gold is more plentiful and not as fine at Crow Creek.

    Crow Creek can have more folks. With a little walking you can usually get away from most of them.

    From one of our trips to Crow Creek. Crow Creek

    “Move that fat ass Henry!”
    “Don’t swing your balls or you’ll swamp the boat!"


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      Here is some Crow Creek info you might find useful.

      Crow Creek Gold Info
      “Move that fat ass Henry!”
      “Don’t swing your balls or you’ll swamp the boat!"


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        Yes I love crow creek.
        Some good gold there.
        Have not tried the little Susitna.
        Here is some crow creek gold.
        In my clean up pan.
        My regular pans are the good green ones.
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          Even though there's a nominal fee and more people there, Crow Creek is the clear choice for finding coarse and plentiful gold.

          The sluicing and panning is good there, and back in the day, a guy with a metal detector could really clean up!


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