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hatchers pass Palmer side.

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  • hatchers pass Palmer side.

    So I've put a tad of time digging Palmer side of hatchers at the beginning of the rec gold mine area and done ok so I think. Unfortunately all my stuffs locked up past due in storage unit so I'm using my brothers box from a mini dredge. Its around 5"w and 30"l. I'm pretty sure I seen one heck of a nugget sitting atop the last rifle but I'm learning and when I lifted the box there it went should have had a catch pan, so no clue what I seen but pretty sure from how bright it was. I did not to bad though and had plenty of tourist input, there here! My sluice builds up small stone realy fast so I'm unhappy about it but its working tell I can get to mine. I'll put up some pics. Any help would be appreciated and or someone who wants to go being the boulders are a little much for one guy. I'm about to the end of being comfortable digging my hole without removing over burden.

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    I was up there last weekend and didn't find much. Love to see your finds. Another couple days and dredge season starts. Hopefully I'll find better ground up there. So far I I'm not liking how fine the gold is and how many boulders I have to move to get to better gravels. When are you going up again?


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      not much maybe 10 buckets full didn't try to hard.
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        That's good gold for ten buckets. How far were you classifying down to before running in your sluice? Looks like all your gold is -20', if you classify to that then run it should help with all the build up in the sluice. It will take much more time though. I'm headed up there this weekend to sample a few more spots to find better areas then I have been working. I don't wanna drag out the dredge on what I have been finding. Friday opens it up for power sluice and dredging!


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