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  • Recirculating drop riffle high banker

    Knowing little to nothing about this stuff I did some reading over the winter and decided to build a high banker to try this summer. I used an Angus Mackirk Au trap drop riffle sluice, a 40 gallon tub from amazon, and two 1250 gph sumps I had laying around. The AC sumps will be powered by a generator running full steam.

    After some testing I am wondering if the sluice pitch I tested is too steep or do I need more flow. From what I have gathered the drop riffle design is great for catching fines while washing away black sand and other heavy materials but I am not sure if this setup is tuned properly. The angle of the sluice in the video is 4.16* which should be an inch drop per ft of sluice length. Both sumps are running of house AC with no restrictions.

    I haven't tested gold bearing material as of yet so I am wondering if this is setup correctly and if not how can I improve this system.

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    When I set up my highbankers or sluice boxes I usually just eyeball the angle.
    Then I take a scoop of dirt and drop it in. If it blows right out instantly I know there is too much angle or too much water.
    If The material sits there with our hardly moving I add more water flow or increase the angle.
    You should be able to see some of the material slowly working through your box.
    For a test run some gravel from wherever (your driveway) but add a few lead BB's from a shotgun shell into it Use whatever size you have but the smaller the better. Smash a few flat and leave some round.
    If you are able to recover 100% of the BB's you put in them you should be good to go.
    My gold buddy recirculating sluice box works well on 1- 1250gph bilge pump off of a snowmachine battery.
    I just got it this winter and have set it up to mine beach gold. I got over 8 hours off of the snowmachine battery before needing recharging during garage testing.
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      kalpsilofchrisn thanks for the advice.

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