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  • Classifiers

    I was just curious about what kind of classifiers everyone uses as far as panning and sluicing go. I classify to 1/2 when panning and sluicing it just depend on where I go, but generally screen to 1/4- material. Do you have a favorite size which you use most of the time, like 1/4 inch? Or, do you pick you size depending on the size of gold in the area you are working.
    Just wondering...

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    I use 2 different kinds.
    The plastic ones that are I believe .420 so as to trap a dime for those coin hunters out there.
    These I carry and use for regular panning and sample panning.
    I use the plastic sided ones with metal 1/2" screen for sluicing.
    I have a 20 mesh one for final cleanup. As anything bigger can be picked up with my fingers.
    My Highbanker has grizzlies so no classifying needed for that.
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      I use the green one that Blackcat mining company sells ( whatever size that is, different sizes with the colors,) and they fit on a 5 gallon bucket. I have found that if you cut the bottom out of the bucket, it fits nicely in a large pan and the bending over is cut in half, works for me anyway.


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        I have 2 that fit a 5-gallon bucket. One is 1/4 and the other is much finer. It all depends on the area I am in which one I use. I snipe a lot so I fill the bucket with water, place the screen on top, partially fill it, shake it, then looking for nuggets first throw the larger stuff off. Once the bucket is filled, I sluice the contents. That kind of breaks up the day and the heavy work. I only spot check the sluice, cleaning only when filled and only panning the contents once home under ideal conditions.

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          Thanks guys!


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            Ha, almost finished my little portable sluice. Took a 2 and half gal. bucket with the same size top as a 5 gal., cut the bottom out of it, fixed it into the mouth of the sluice, cut a water path , stuck a through rod in the bucket to do a little shaking and placed the classifer on top, lol.

            Not the best design but hey, think it will work for me. ( show pictures soon.)


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