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  • Fossilized Ivory.. ..

    .. more valuable than Gold!

    Fossilized ivory is just so wonderful and beautiful to behold and feel.

    here are some of our recent works, that are already gone!

    Our favorite request. Heart bracelets

    Fossilized Ivory is so wonderful to behold the beauty

    of the time absorbed patterns of the elements of the sea.

    When have you ever.. .. ? heard of 4 h.s. dropouts

    makiing in excess of 40k in a month!

    yes I pulled all four of my sons out of High School

    3 years ago. You will see all four of them soon,..

    On the Tonight Show!

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    Beautiful Ivory

    Very beautiful ivory. Where do you find the fossilized ivory?

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      Well there are a number of ways to obtain ..

      We find it all over the place up here in the Arctic. This piece was found by clyde harris in Kotzebue two years ago. he was walking along a familiar beach. he noticed something short stickinig out of the dirt. and he kicked it and almost broke his toe.. (he tried to call a toe truck) but they are hard to find in the Arctic.. he reached down to grab it and the earth moved ten feet away, he ran home got a shovel.. and later that day was offered $15,000 for that tusk.! He said NO!


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        Ivory education

        Nice pieces there, but I sure hope you are kidding about taking your kids out of school. Money isn't everything


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          Majik, those tusks are amazing, It sure would be something to find one of those. As for your choices with your sons, I think that's your family's business, we each have to decide what is best in our situation. Good luck and post more pics of tusks if you have them along with detailed maps of where they were found!


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            Well life here in the Arctic is different

            The only way I can compare it with your world is to say.. up here we really are.. on a different planet. things that apply in your world don't apply up here and visa versa.

            Here in Point Hope.. people actually GRADUATE high school and cannot even read! tisk tisk tisk. I have met four people like that. but in this world, it doesn't harm or hold them back one bit.

            Where to find Ivory? you don't need a map. all you need is a plane ticket.!

            to Kotzebue!

            two years ago. A techer approaced my #3 son Jesse he was 19 at the time. she said to him Jesse, you have to go back to school and get your diploma, He smiled and asked her. You? have been to college? she said yes, and I have been a teacher for xx amount of years. Jesse asked politely.. and your salary is about 40k per year, she smiled and said right in that area. Jesse said.. this is my very first year, and I have made more than twice that amount already and I am just gettng started. she was obsiouvly mad and she turned and walked away. .. .. then stopped, turned around and came up to Jesse and paid $250 for a bracelet!

            Mamoth & Mastadon Ivory is all over the place in Kotzebue and the surrounding villages. all you have to do is walk the beaches ocnstantly.

            but ivory doesn't look like ivory when it is on the ground and covered in mud.. it looks EXACTLY like a piece of WOOD, and many people have walked, rode right past 3 foot pieces all the time.

            Any coast line above the arctic circle clear up to Barrow and beyond.
            HAS fossilized ivory on those beaches. but these beaches are covered in small rocks, and it makes looking for the ivory next to imossible, except if you know how to LOOK.. you stand back and look for something that shouldn't be there. that's how you find it..something doesn't fit the pattern of those rocks.

            I know a gentleman in Anchorage that has "millions" of dollars in fossilized ivory.. Tudor and New Seward - Alaska Fur Exchange. but his prices are highway robbery.. he is charging more than three times over the going rate for ivory. but if you bring some to him to purchase from you. then he only gives the going rate. $75 per pound & he sells it for 269 a pound.

            GREED.. I sure can't stomach the awful taste it leaves in my mouth.

            These are some of the ORIGINAL creations, hand crafted, by my sons.

            We are the ONLY carvers in the North Slope that make the Ying Yang design. NOBODY else can figure out. how we do it so perfectly.

            My sons are considered the BEST in Kotzebue & Point Hope! No one can figure out, how they make such perfect insets. We discovered a simple secret, that makes this possible, without this secret.. no one can come close to getting the inlays or insets this perfect. It is quite simple actualy.
            Everyone tries to smooth the "circle"out by hand, We merely "spin" it and it has to come out perfect!

            Ancient Artifact fossilized, what is it ? We pondered that question for hours when my #2 son found this up river, last summer. the grip fits the hand perfectly, It appears to be some type of "saw"? this is only 1/16" thick, and is very flexible. it finally dawned onme what this old eskimo artifact was used for.. when you insert the end into a big bowl and twist it or twirl it.. that must be how.. they picked up their spaghetti!

            Please excuse my sense of humor. but I just couldn't resist. Wehave no idea what this was used for, either do any of the natives, but they sure laughed when I told them what we thought it was used for!!!!!!!

            Each and every bracelet we create, is unique one of a kind no duplicates.
            We even offer lifetime guarantees for our work, if any inset pops out we fix it for free. in four years we havne't had one returned item.

            We are constantly fixing bracelets that people purchased from other carvers 20 years ago. and people can't find or figure out which piece was replaced.

            More to come.. soon!


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              Do you think that artifact might be a snow saw?


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                From the BLM:

                ....You cannot collect or sell vertebrate fossils from federal or state land without a federal or state permit. Vertebrates include dinosaurs, mammals, sharks, fish, and any other animals with a skeletal structure.

                Who May Get a Permit

                Permits are issued for scientific research. They are given to people with specific qualifications that include related college education and experience. Permit holders must also have a letter from a federal or state agency-approved facility accepting collected fossils or artifacts for scientific study and public display......
                Everything is regulated anymore. Digging up fossils is no different.


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                  Right, if I find me a big piece of ivory on BLM land I'll just take pictures, I promise.


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                    That's good.

                    Cause all us hunters/fishermen follow fish and game laws, right? Trappers?

                    Miners follow mining laws and pay taxes, right?

                    Logging corps pay taxes and follow the rules. Commercial fishermen?

                    Unlike fish and trees, fossils from extinct animals are non-renewable.


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                      Why are they non-renewable? Critters are still dying out there.


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                        None of that applies to natives

                        None of that applies to a native !

                        go figure ! how about that.. !

                        NO ONE. CAN DIG in the old town site of pont hope.. 10,000 fine. Anyting that is found on a beach is a differernt story.!

                        In Kotzebue, people find mastadon, (Natives) Mamoth and fossiliezed ivory every day of the week. and they march right over to the North West Arctic Borough where they are sold and displayed, white people do this and natives do this. and this is the first time ever I have heard about this.. but that is for State & Federal land. it doesn't say anthing about public land.

                        Ivory is a big big big business for Natives up here in the Arctic. ONLY AN ALASKAN NATIVE may carve on walrus Ivory. This is how most familes acquire an income as it is their only source of income. An Eskimo from Russia IS NOT ALLOWED TO CARVE on Walrus Ivory, they may not purchase it. .but there is a Russian Eskimo in Kotzebue that violates this law daily. I mean why not.. turning down 30k per month is a lot of money to Loose! But from everything I know about Point Hope.. anyone can pick up anything found on a beach, even Walrus ivory.. "if it is beach washed"!

                        The owner of Alaska Fur Exchange Tudor & New Seward.. better run tell him about this because he has 20 huge mastadon tusks in his store..! he has 100 more in the back! HE IS NOT BREAKING ANY LAWS.
                        Last edited by Majik Imaje; 03-06-2007, 14:26.


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                          TO MR. Bear Bait.. ..

                          I think you should change your name.. ! only joking. but it gives me the creeps..I had a very good friend in Point apprentice electrican who was eaten by a polar bear.. and your name reminds me of this.. but stranger still .. there is a white man here in Point Hope..he has been here for over 30 years. A very nice .. well liked individual, but his dream.. his wish.. he wants to get eaten by a polar bear. I asked him why so bizzzare.? find something different to smoke.. you got a bad batch.

                          he is 100% serious.. why ? I asked.. His answer.. so that people will still continue to talk about me after I am gone. ??

                          As far as the "snow saw" ? for what ? that doesn't make sense. I dunno.
                          but if your thinking for building an IGLOO ?? nope well before I can tell you what an Iglu is.. (no O's in the Inupaq (Eskiimo) Language, no E's either)

                          I gotta show you what an iglu really is.. Iglu = 1 dwelling place. Iglut = 2 dwelling places. Igluk = 3+ dwelling places. Here is an Iglu, that once had electricity, you can see the service drop on the left side.

                          An Iglu is made out of whale bone and sod! Betcha never knew that. Only in Canada and Greenland do they use ICE.
                          ALMOST ALL villages in Alaska were founded by People from Point Hope.. Greenland was founded by people from Point Hope.

                          Point Hope has been continually occupied and lived in since before the times of Jesus Christ, some 2,600 years ago they crossed the land bridge and settled in this very spot!

                          now where do you think we should set up the wide screen and the dvd player ?


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                            Originally posted by Bearbait 1 View Post
                            Why are they non-renewable? Critters are still dying out there.


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                              Believe it or Knot

                              this is an off shoot from Ripley's..

                              There is a place, I am not allowed to identify it. it is way outside of POINT HOPE.

                              An entire mastadon skeleton is perfectlly preserved. Every bone.

                              I was told. the elders don't want anyone to touch that. NO PHOTO GRAPHS are allowed!

                              Let me tell you something else about Point Hope.. Outside the village someplace.. there is GOLD..........lying on top of bedrock.

                              DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.. many have tried, and they have gotten very very sick. Dogs were used to try and carry some of this out.. they died! They say this GOLD is infected, and none of the Native will go near it or touch it.


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