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    Here is a thread to post contact info for Search and Rescue organizatons in Alaska. Phone numbers, etc. by organization, regions of the state, etc. As people post I will combine all info into this post. Please let me know if you notice any bad info or typos.

    Thanks all and great idea BushRat.


    Thanks Posters: CG Boating Safety, Mr. Pid., JOAT

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    ***Before venturing into the wilderness and relying on this info double check to make sure it is up to date and accurate***
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    Posted by JOAT-
    State EMS Website
    Rather than trying to keep a current list in this forum, I might suggest just keeping a link to the State's current EMS listings...

    Or downloading the current Help on the Way document (updated annually)...

    Coast Guard Emergency contact numbers
    (907) 463-2000 - Coast Guard Command Center Emergency SAR line
    1-800-478-5555 - CG Emergency SAR line (AK. only; n/a with SATPHONES)
    907-428-4100 SAR (Anchorage)
    907-428-4200 General (Anchorage)
    (907) 463-2990 (Sector Juneau Command Center)

    *CG - CG Emergency SAR line (cell phone, AK. carriers only)

    Alaska Search and Rescue

    The Alaska State Troopers, Dept. of Public Safety, have primary responsibility for civilian search and rescue in Alaska. Any search and rescue emergency should be reported to the nearest Trooper Detachment, Village Public Safety Officer, or to Trooper Dispatch in Anchorage (428-7200).

    All requests for search dog teams must originate with or have official mission approval from the Alaska State Troopers.

    Alaska State Troopers
    (800) 478-9300 or contact
    nearest local office

    Avalanche Information
    Avalanche Recording Statewide
    (800) 478-7675

    Anchorage Avalanche and Mountain Weather Information
    273-6037 (Road Closure)

    Civil Air Patrol*
    Alaska Wing CAP Headquarters
    552-5317 or contact nearest office
    * Normal Process: Alaska State Troopers initiate request for Civil Air Patrol assistance through Rescue Coordination Center (RCC); RCC will activate Civil Air Patrol in appropriate region, assign mission number, and provide approval authority for mission.

    Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center
    U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center
    (800) 478-5555 or (800) 399-5555 (Statewide)
    463-2000 (24 hour Duty Officer - Juneau)
    463-2471 (Not 24 hour number - Juneau)
    271-6700 (24 hour Duty Officer - Anchorage)

    Emergency Operations Center/Rescue Coordination Center (RCC)
    Alaska Air National Guard
    Alaska Div. of Emergency Services and
    Alaska Dept. of Public Safety
    428-7200 (Information)

    Mountain Rescue Teams-Southeast Region
    Juneau Mountain Rescue Group
    Contact Alaska State Troopers - Juneau
    465-4000 (911 in Juneau area)

    Southern Region
    Anchorage Mountain Rescue Group (AMRG) A volunteer group based in Anchorage serving the state of Alaska
    Contact Alaska State Troopers - Anchorage
    566-2694 (911 in Anchorage area)
    P.O. Box 241102
    Anchorage, AK 99524



    Cordova Volunteer Fire Department
    FAX 424-6120

    Rescue Coordination Center U.S. Coast Guard
    U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center
    (800) 478-5555 (24 hour - Statewide) or
    (888) 399-5555 (24 hour - Statewide)

    Search Dogs - Southeast Region
    Southeast Alaska Dogs Organized for Ground Search (SEADOGS)*
    P.O. Box 32719
    Juneau, AK 99803
    Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs (ASARD)*
    200 W. 34th Avenue, #655
    Anchorage, AK 99503-3949
    275-3943 (EMERGENCY ONLY)
    275-3943 - pager

    This is a non-profit, volunteer emergency service unit based in
    Anchorage to assist in statewide Search and Rescue operations.

    * Contact Alaska State Troopers - Juneau
    465-4000 or 911 (Juneau/Douglas area)

    Snowmachine Rescue
    Alaska Snowmachine Search and Rescue Recovery Team (ASSERT)
    Anchorage, AK

    Wilderness Search and Rescue
    Mike Abels
    P.O. Box 80981
    College, AK 99708
    (A non-profit search and rescue organization)
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    State EMS Website

    Rather than trying to keep a current list in this forum, I might suggest just keeping a link to the State's current EMS listings...

    Or downloading the current Help on the Way document (updated annually)...
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      HAM information

      Is there any information available for Amateur Radio operators. I would like to find frequencies that may be monitored by emergency personnel. I carry my handheld VHF/UHF radio with me and am looking at getting an HF rig. Please post if you find any information on this.

      The only thing I have found is information on an emergency radio net that is conducted daily in the mornings to pass information as needed.

      This would primarily help HAM radio operators, but may be useful in emergencies.

      Just an idea.

      Thanks and '73s.


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        My CAP Squadron recently hosted a SAREX with:

        Mike Branum, MPA, MICP, RN
        City & Borough of Juneau Emergrency Manager

        Also, part of our afteraction was that the National Guard with their conciderable aviation resources would like to be included in the future. What about thew Alaska Defence Force and even the actice military assets stationed here?

        Although a request should be initiated through the Troopers, if anyone needs help coordinating the process in a timely manner in the Juneau area the Civil Air Patrol hangar number is 789-0245 and there is a good chance that someone who can help get the ball rolling will be there.
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          SAR Responsibilities

          For Ground (non-aviation related) SAR on federal land (NPS) the associated NPS park is responsible.
          On state land, the AK State Troopers (closest post) is responsible for conducting the SAR.
          For maritime SAR it is the closest USCG Sector or District 17 (Juneau RCC).
          For all military and civil aviation SAR the 11 AF Rescue Coordination Center (11AF RCC) at Elmendorf AFB is resposible. Note that the 11AF RCC used to be located at Ft RIch with the state EOC and AK STate Troopers dispatch center. This has now changed and only the EOC remains at Ft Rich. New contact numbers for the 11AF RCC are (907)551-1230 or 1-800-551-7230. By the way we're staffed by AK Air Guardsmen (since 1994) and every rescue controller comes from the ANG rescue squadrons, bringing with them years of experience in the various rescue airframes. The assets we have at our disposel are AK ANG, AK ARNG, US ARMY, USAF, CAP. To get these assest involved the 11AF RCC is always (required) involved.

          It's important to understand that all agencies (AK State Troopers, NPS, DoD, ANG, ARNG, USCG) work together providing whatever assistance is necessary to accomplish any and all types of SAR. For example we (11AF RCC) are called upon regularly to assist other state and federal agencies any time federal assistance for SAR is needed. We recently assisted the AK State Troopers in Dillingham in rescueing a man with Pancreatitius 70 miles s.e. of Bethel. We also assisted the USCG in resuing the crewmembers from the Couger Ace car carrier vessel off the Aleutions. It also worked the other way. The USCG asssisted us (11AF RCC) in searching for the overdue Lifeguard helicopter.

          Bottomline. If you are in distress and need life saving assistance, contact the responsible agency to make them aware of the situation. If they can't conduct the SAR (help you) with the assets they have at their disposel, they will go to another agency for assistance. Whatever it takes! If for some reason you can't contact the local trooper post, etc., then by all means call a 24 hour center like the USCG, 11AF RCC or Trooper Dispatch in Fairbanks, Wasilla or Soldotna.

          The most important thing is to be a good survivor. Be preparred, do the research BEFORE going out into the field, stay calm and make sure you have some sort of survival gear.


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            Wilderness Search & Rescue / PAWS

            Wilderness Search & Rescue / PAWS can only be called out by the troopers. Mike Able is no longer the contact person, it changes yearly. We no longer have a website, or I'd like you to that.

            Any one with a question can send me a message and I'll ensure it goes to the right person in the organization. Meetings are every 3rd Thursday of the Month, 7pm, Fairbanks AST office. Come one, come all, always looking for more volunteers.


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              Originally posted by JOAT View Post
              Rather than trying to keep a current list in this forum, I might suggest just keeping a link to the State's current EMS listings...


              Or downloading the current Help on the Way document (updated annually)...

              These two web site no longer seem to be working. I tried looking for similar information but couldn't find it, although I'm sure its somewhere. This seems to be the closest for EMS info. Listing of individual EMS personnel are not listed and accessed only with a "my alaska" logion.



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