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    I've been shopping around a bit for a P-EPIRB. I read Danatherock's post about the ACR Terra Fix and as I've been researching it I'm quite impressed.

    However, ACR markets an Aqua-Fix as well as Terra-Fix. I want a PLB that can be used on backcountry stuff as well as coastal marine adventures. I recently emailed ACR inquiring about the two products and their potential differences. I received this reply:

    There are no difference between the Aqua-Fix and the Terra-Fix.
    Itís just the way we market the product. Our Outdoor dealers can only purchase theTerra-Fix from us and our Marine dealers can only purchase the Aqua-Fix from us.

    There is no reason what so ever to purchase one over the other.

    Thank you,

    Sandy Gopie-Smith

    Just FYI, WinMag

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    Eagle Enterprise on International Airport

    These guys have the best Survival Equipment and ACR too!


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      ACR PLB w/ GPG for sale in Alaska

      Your right there is no difference, I have on that has been carried in my plane in a protective cover about 6 times , as good as new, will guarantee it, Aero Fix w/GPS, battery good till 2011. Everything in the box, pd $699 - $50 rebate, $500 firm. Located in Alaska, I put a permanent mount in my plane.



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