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  • A cool survival site

    Good site with lots of free info and diagrams.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a better than average book on winter wilderness survival?

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    Try thies books

    A few of my better books on winter camping and survival.

    snow Sense By Jill Fredston and Doug Fesler

    Secrets of Warmth By Hal Weiss

    Cold Comfort by Glenn Randall

    First Aid for All Outdoors By Peter Eastman M.D.

    The Basic Essentials of Hypothermia by William W forgev M.D.

    Snow Caves for Fun & Survival By Ernest Wilkinson

    Wilderness Emergency By gene Fear Very good

    Winter Camping by Stephen Gorman

    Getting Back by John Mine A trailwise guide to snowmobile survival

    Camping's forgotten Skills by Cliff Jacobson

    On the web:
    Outdoor Action Guide to Winter Camping by Rick Curtis


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      Comprehensive survival information site...

      the mapreading section, like all the other sections I scanned, reads like a textbook, with good basic explanations. Very comprehensive.
      Thanks, Akmud.

      Winter survival reading list looks good too, Moose.
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        Great link man. Thanks for sharing that with everyone.
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