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    I'm not sure which forum to actually put this on but this seems as good as any.
    I'll be moving to Alaska full time soon and I want to be ready for the challenges I'll be facing in the great outdoors, and I'm concerned with how to get into the best shape.
    Here is the story: I recently lost a lot of weight and I did it in a hurry (bad idea but it worked)... the thing is I lost a lot of muscle as well as fat and need to build it back (the muscle that is).
    I'm no stranger to working out but the fly in the ointment is this: I am working a lot of hours. Both at my regular job and on my rental properties and other projects. To put it plainly I'm bushed! I'm afraid that working out will just further exhaust me and cause me to fall into worse shape instead of build me up.
    I have a pretty healthy diet and cook most everything from scratch with organic/natural fixins (no processed foods).
    My workouts consist of workin like a dog seven days a week. One choice is to hold off until I get some of these projects completed. I would like to do something sooner than later however.
    So if anyone out there has been in a similar situation or has some expertice in training I'd like to hear. I really want to get my strength back, and If I put a few pounds of good healthy muscle on I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it!

    Thanks.... and...

    ciao ya'll

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    Ever try Qui Gong or Tai Chi? It'll relax you AND improve muscle tone.

    I spent many years building muscle mass and now that I don't lift any more quess what.... well I blame that on the wife being a GOOD cook.

    The above will also help with balance and awareness.


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      I have been down your road, I lost 125lbs in 6 months. mine was done after work, by working out aerobically, which will actually give you energy. when you begin your work out your bum will be dragging big time but in a few weeks you will not even notice it and in two months you will have gobs more energy. you will have to eat well and sleep enough or burnout will be severe. I personally would bike 20 miles and run 2-5 every evening. when I began I was a 325lb slob and in 6 months I was a 200lb animal. I would never reccemond doing as I did but for those that are gonna ask it was as easy as this.

      my body would burn at least 1500 calories a day.
      there are roughly 3500 calories in a lb of fat, so a 5000 calorie workout was good for at least a lb.
      I saw NO sign for the first month and then it was like a switch was flipped and it started falling off. as my body got into better shape I lost weight even faster...tough to get started....easy to keep going.

      btw congrtulations!


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        Good Subject

        Good subject. I know I do not have many more years to harvest sheep or goats before I just get too old. I also know that the winter takes a toll on the old belt. So I took a three-step approch. I decided that since my diet is bad and with the dark winter to take vitamins.

        It took a bit of research and I finally decided on Sportsman Edge vitamins available from Cabela's. I sometimes forget in the morning but usually end up taking 2 a day. I do feel better, more energy, sleep better. They do seem to work.

        The body joints do not heal as fast as they used to either. I have been giving the dog Flexicose, a glucosamine product with 1,250 IU of Vit. A, 15 mg. of C and 7.5 IU of E. Well it has been working on the old dog and his arthritis is better, he is happier and feels better. So what the heck........ I have been stealing a little of his in a 8 oz, glass with an oz. of Crown Royal every night and I feel a lot better too. And believe it or not, the old broken foot and bad knee have not been giving me any problems since.

        Step three is working out at home. Nothing dramatic. 15 pound dumb bells and a 50 pound set of weights. I do 25-30 repatations of several exercises so it is also a cardio workout. I also shoot the bow in the house at 5 yards and at work, 15 yards, about five days a week.

        Everything seems to be helping.
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          Check out some of the forums here for tips on diet and fitness:
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            Here's the rub

            Even the most in-shape atheletes have to take time to rest. The body NEEDS to rest especially when training hard. That training may be chopping wood or shoveling rocks but it's still strength training. Eating healthy and working out/working hard are great for the body but it's meaningless unless you give the body time to recoop on occation. One day at least should be given to rest each week. Even God rested on the 7th day.


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