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    Well said

    Originally posted by Mr. Pid View Post

    What's more important than a sat phone? Your hunting partner. Make sure you trust him with your life. You may have to.
    I agree 100%....


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      Great thread! What's next?

      Originally posted by Snyd View Post
      Please Mr. Pid, enough already...
      Yes, communication devices be it sat phones, elt's, cell phones, etc. are great but they don't stop the bleeding...
      Could not have been said better!

      I'm not a doctor, a nurse, a medic or an ex-marine, but I am an Eagle Scout and I try my best to be prepared for any given situation. I think little scenarios like the one Perry brought up here is a valuable resource and we should continue these exercises by bringing up a new example after one has been exhausted. If we take the time to look, read, reflect and share, we can all learn and become better prepared for an emergency. Ignorance can be a killer, I think it would be beneficial for everyone to share their thought process (right or wrong) and if someone can give some constructive criticism, like Snyd did about the femoral artery...well, we just might save some lives here.

      Should we post "new scenarios" under this thread or start a new one?


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        Originally posted by BucknRut View Post

        Should we post "new scenarios" under this thread or start a new one?
        Start a new one of you like. I figure there are a lot of folks out there who have training and/or first hand experience being either the rescuer, the injured or both. Mr Pid has had experience at both. We can all learn from each other. I have experience at both to a degee but never have been the severely injured in a backcountry situation. I don't know what it's like to experience severe pain while being lumpity bumped out of the woods via foot, atv, boat, cub or whatever. Having rx pain killers could help the injured considerably. I do however have experience and training at outdoor rescues and know what it's like to arrive on scene as a rescurer only to find out it's your friend who has been laying in the snow for 45 minutes in and out of conciousness while bleeding profusely from a nasty gash on the head. Training really does kick in at times like that.

        Lets keep the dialog going. Real life experiences shared in good taste, protecting identities where appropriate, etc. Hopefully we can all learn something.
        A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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