Dont forget basic meds in survival kit !



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  • Dont forget basic meds in survival kit !

    A small tube of silvadene creme (used in hospitals for burn) would be great to put into your survival kit/first aid kit. This is not hard to need if you spend enough time around a campfire with dutch ovens and cast iron. Certainly not hard to do with the smaller backpacking stoves and cookware. Hot coffee fumbled. The list goes on and on. The burn itself is not the problem. Its the massive infection that ensues. The ability to clean a burn, apply silvadene cream, and cover with a sterile dressing goes along way. If you are really type A, or just smart, get your family physician to write you a presciption for an inexpensive broad spectrum antibiotic. Penicillin would do. Keflex perhaps better for tissue. Ask the doc and tell him why you want it. No doc worth his salt will think twice about writing a script for an antibiotic for an outdoorsman to keep in his survival kit. This would be worth its weight in gold if you got a nasty cut,gash, or burn while in the bush. I carry a z-pack also (zithromax). Amazing stuff for upper respiratory infections. The longer your trip, the more you can justify taking. At minimum, have burn cream and extra strength tylenol. Asprin if over 50 or any history of heart disease. The first thing we do when you get in the emergency room with chest pain is pop an aspirin in your mouth, elevate your head, and put some oxygen on. There is a reason for this. Take benadryl with you also. These are simple things that no one I know does. Everything I mentioned here would not even fill up a zip lock sandwich bag. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
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    Good post

    I also bring oral jel and carmex to name a few.


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      thanks Dan, we'll do


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        dealing with burns in the field


        good tip from dan about the silvadene. i have a tube in my kit. at least have "second skin" for burns with you.
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