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  • ACR terrafix personal locator beacon with gps

    I recently bought and ACR terrrafix personal locator beacon. I got the model with built in gps. If you are in the woods much, I would suggest you look into this. It is an amazing product that could save your life. It was tested here in Alaska for 5 years before being sold world wide. It works in the same way that an epirb works on boats. You get in trouble, you push two buttons, the command center (NOAA) send search and rescue or Air force to pick you up. Anywhere in the world. It operates at like -40 to +140 for 24 straight hours of signal sending. Unless it is activated it is unaffected and average time to get your gps coordinates to command center is like 15 minutes so that is excessive reserve. It is made of indestructable polycarbonate and has a 10 year battery in it. Each unit sends a signal that lets them know who they are coming after. Each unit is registered with noaa online. Free and takes like 5 minutes and they mail you a sticker with laminate cover you put on the back of unit. You can put personal info, trip iteneraries, and medical info on the online part. It can be updated continually. And as i said, its a free service. Well, your tax dollars are paying for it but you get the point. It will work anywhere in the world under any weather conditions. Find another device that can earn its way into your bag more than that. Sold at cabelas and other places. Worth looking into for any outdoorsman.
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    ACR Aero Fix w/GPS for sale

    Carried until my permenant one was mounted, in box, 2011 battery, Color in only difference in model, Terra, Aqua, Aero this one is bright green. Pd $699-$50 rebate, $500 firm. Located in Alaska.



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