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  • Another GPS question

    I haven't used a GPS since the 90's and when I looked at them the other day I couldn't believe the price jump and how far the tech has come, which leaves me lost in a techno jungle, ugh!! I will be using it for back country (map and compass is also used) hiking and hunting.

    I don't know anything about these new features and want to hear about first hand experiences, both good and bad. What features are a waste and which have you found to be worth every penny?

    The emergency locator and ability to communicate via text or even talking seems like a good thing to have but do they really work when out in the middle of nowhere? I'm guessing they all have topo maps and tracking but do they have a feature where family or friends can track you while you're in the field?

    Thanks for your help

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    I've been looking too and the Garmin InReach seems to have the best reception and reviews. However!!! Check the pricing for the monthly service and you might want to be sitting down. I found out that I can share my location on OnX Hunt. I like the maps and knowing property status (Native land, State Lands and private....) Great feature. I can also overlay game units onto the map. I just need to play with it more to see what else it can do.

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      Welcome to the 21st Century. You don't have to learn all the features. Just the ones that are most important to you. For rescue, I have a PLB. I know where I am with a topo map and compass, but try sharing that with a 20 something year old from JBER. The PLB will take care of all that. It links to satellites.
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        I use a Garmin InReach in the plane. Wife can track my flight with a ping ever 10 min. I can text, E-mail, send SOS, and has a map also. The Guard rescue crews have them so you can let them know if you need special rescue gear or how the weather is. The advantage over a PLB is sometimes you can get yourself back home if someone knows you just need a new prop.


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