story of survival that would be nearly unbelievable, if....



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  • story of survival that would be nearly unbelievable, if....

    the guy hadn't lived to tell the story...

    While we can all agree he maybe could have been more prepared...It is absolutely amazing he survived. No fire, no dry clothes, extreme freezing temperatures, and a wolverine to complicate things...
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    Pretty tough dude. And lucky too.
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      Cold saps my deire to keep going faster than anything I've been through,sure I would not have made it.
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        I tend to agree about the wolverine keeping him alert and awake, may have saved him. Should change is nickname from Eskimo to Wolverine.


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          Tough guy, but great example to always keep survival articles on your person- especially when traversing the ice.


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            Man can endure most anything. It's jus a matter of what are you willing to do. And how far are you willing to go.

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              Does anyone know how this guy is doing?
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