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    I like waterproof phones

    Originally posted by FL2AK-Old Town View Post
    A T-Mobile rep once told me that flip phones have poorer reception in general than do brick type phones, just by their antenna design. Also, you mentioned that you moved 10 miles down the road and found those guys and their cell phones worked. Did you try yours at the same spot?
    Both my phones were flip phones. My kids have accidently called me 30 times during a date just by pressing against a brick phone during that date while it was in their pocket. I don't ever want to auto-call like that so I only use flips.

    Yep, tried both of mine there. Zero bars, while my new friend had more than one bar and conversed without difficulty.

    My ACS phone lost signal (for good) while I was ON the Parks. The GCI was good for the first few miles ATV ride. The ATT phone worked well a long ways after that on the same heading (away from the Parks).

    Thanks for the heads up on brick phones having inherently better antennas. I might consider one (and I'd password it, so no auto-calling) next time, but right now I'm really liking my Motorola Quantico. Ruggedized, waterproof (vs. "resistant"), good camera, 8 GB memory card, etc... I mean really, who refuses to use their cell in a light sprinkle? My previous phone died from water (so the warranty was voided), and a light sprinkle was all it was ever subjected to.


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      Started thinking about HAM radio again yesterday from talking to a fellow coworker when the subject somehow came up....looking at my "vintage?" HF transceiver box sitting patiently in the corner now as I/we speak. So I thought I'd revive an old thread to see if maybe there are any new HAMs on the forum, and to maybe help get my butt active again....(haven't set up my gear again since I moved awhile back). Though I guess I may want to renew my callsign that I let expire a couple years ago QRZ anyone...???
      Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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        This old thread got me thinking about how communications have evolved over the last 30 years. When I was trapping and hunting the Brooks Range, my original go-to radio was the Spilsbury HF and a dipole antenna. Later on, various hand helds in aircraft vhf, marine vhf, ham 2 meter, gps, etc. depending on the location and situation. Now the InReach does emergency and basic comms in a compact, affordable, reliable package. It still fun to fire up the old Spilsbury when I'm out at the cabin though.


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