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After market battery for the Iridium 9505A

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  • After market battery for the Iridium 9505A

    Does anyone have experience with the after market batteries? I found some on the internet that say there compatible and there about 25% the cost of a new one from the factory.

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    Never used one on a sat phone, but have used plenty of them on cameras, cell phones, net books and laptops. They usually work well. Some don't hold a charge as well as the original and a few have done better, but over all I've saved a lot of money with good results.

    In the past some very cheap and small LiIon batteries for cell phones did not have a thermal fuse built in and if a short developed they would start a fire, or even a small explosion inside the device. Not cool! Personally, I've never had an issue and I've used plenty of them. I don't know what the status of these is today, but I still don't hesitate buying them.


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