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Cabelas extreme alaskan vs standard pack and frame

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  • Cabelas extreme alaskan vs standard pack and frame

    My current pack is a Cabelas Alaskan outfitter. I love the backpack and one of the few changes I would make is that it is very heavy (12 lbs). I was looking at the lighter weight version (extreme alaskan) and was wondering if anyone with experience with both can comment.

    My main concern is that it a fabric sheet with buckles that replaces the traditional shelf (see my other thread). How much does the pack give up in terms of durability? 100 lbs is the most I prefer to carry.

    By the way, don’t try to talk me into the Barney’s pack. It is on the wish list in the future, but not in the budget now.

    I'm trying to cut 10 lbs from my pack and if I don't give up too much, this pack would allow me to trim half of that.

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    I had no trouble packing 100+ pound moose quarters with my the extreme pack. It's also handled half a bull caribou and numerous 50-60 pound loads hiking in for caribou, sheep, and goats. I haven't had any issues with the reduced volume/capacity compared to the standard Alaskan. Two of my friends had the standard pack and I got the extreme for the reduced weight and have never regretted it for a second. Someday when I think I'll be regularly packing heavy loads of moose I'll get a barneys... until now the extreme does just fine and I can spend money elsewhere (such as on Cub time and better optics). Make the switch - you won't regret it.
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      bought a sheep hunter pack from alaska range & it's just what I wanted, loaded up with over 100#+ coming out from my wife's sheep hunt it work great.


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        Any one tied the Badlands OX Pack Frame from Cabelas? Looks solid and well built.


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          I have never had a problem with a Cabelas extreme Alaskan bag. I use it for everything. You will not be disappointed.


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            I went ahead and picked it up the other day. Took a couple hour hike loaded with 60#. So far so good. Thanks for the input!

            Now to figure out if I want to keep the old pack or not.


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              If 100lb is an absolute limit, you can save some money by returning what you bought and getting familiar with older dana designs internal frame pack sizing (some googling will get you a 2004 or so catalog with instructions), and then watching ebay and craigslist like a hawk for a deal. I have in my possession a new-condition terraplane ($150) and a well used but fine alpine ($50). Both of these have suspension superior to about anything listed in this thread, though some may argue on the barney's...


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