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  • Ladies pack?

    I am hoping some of the ladies or guys who hunt with their ladies could recommend a pack for my wife. It needs to be multi-day probably internal frame pack that can withstand a nominal load. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I picked up my wife a Gregory Deva and it does pretty good and was the most comfortable pack the wife tried on at REI.

    It can be had pretty cheap at STP but you need a deal flyer coupon. They have great deal coupons that they send out ever week or two good for between 25-40% off. To get them emailed to you just sign up for it on their website.,...For-Women.html


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      There are tons of great packs out there. LJ's choice is a good one.
      Also, if you are into 'less is more' weight-wise, there are some great choices in womens packs:
      Gregory Z55 at just over 3 lbs is killer...can be had around $140--very high marks on backpacker sites.
      Consider the Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian 3# 8oz...great pack, also GoLite..their Terrono is a great pack at 3# 15 oz.

      So many choices. Read the specs, find what you like and really need in a pack, then start looking online for the killer deal.
      Packs are getting lighter more comfortable and stronger.
      The technology in them is amazing.

      My wife has a Lowe Alpine pack that weighs 3 pounds even, it's similar to the Nanon XL...she's hauled 80lbs in it two different times. Most gals won't do that, but it is nice to know the gear can take it.
      Many packs have a lifetime guarantee.
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