Has anyone tried to make a tent? I can't seem to find any good patterns to copy to get an idea about how much material and $$ it'd cost to make one. Simple math tells me its probably too much money and not worth the effort. Seems like a teepee style tent would be the easiest to make without a floor. I can't seem to find the right tent. I want something 10x8 with a 5'6 to 6' height (something I could put a stove in too) and definitely under 20 lbs. We want to go a little more comfy on a couple of our hunts where weight isn't as much of an issue.

I love the MSR twin brothers Shapp posted in another thread, but I'm freaked by the idea of a single wall tent in Sept. during moose season + condensation. Only tent I've found that meets my needs so far is the Eureka Timberline Outfitter 6 (thanks for the idea Mariner), but haven't physically seen one locally. A-frames seem to eliminate head room too, but I haven't seen this one yet.

My mom has a couple sewing machines and can show me the ropes on sewing, if its worth my time and money.