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  • KUIU Lightweight Hunting Gear

    Did everybody get their email about pre- registering to purchase products? Whats up with that?.........

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    All I have to say is the guy is a MASTER internet marketing. By creating a perceived shortage before he even ships the first item, he almost guarantees that initial sales will be hot.

    I seem to remember the initial Sitka stuff having alot of bugs and durability issues, so I'm not totally sold on KUIU yet. However, my current primaloft jacket is completely shot, so I have to admit I'm tempted.



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      I don't understand they say they will go by who subscribed first since last March !!!....if thats the case, the more common sizes will be gone !!!......thats telling me theres limited supply...


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        Is it any better than the over priced Sitka gear?? Yes, I do own some Sitka stuff and like it but wouldn't drop the $$ on it again. Have never heard of the KUIU? Must be something about naming gear after names in the Southeast??


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          I got that email... and I'm kinda losing interest quickly.

          This is straight out of Marketing 101- turn the ability to purchase into a "limited opportunity to purchase" to leverage psychological pressure. I love how they're going to let me place a "pre-order" and then ship when they get it finished. In the real world we call that-"behind schedule and out of money".

          Effective...and tacky IMHO.
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            Niche marketing?

            Marketing stress: Who knows why SitkaGear merged with Gore or Jason Hairston left SG last year. Market forces? Who knows. But it's conceivable that the moves began due to some adverse effects of the recent general downturn in many businesses. Stid2677 tipped us to Kuiu on another thread (

            Realignment of business relationships: Why these guys, Hairston & Hart, founders of SitkaGear, split is anyone's guess. Philosophical differences about the company's (SG) direction? But Hart remained at SG after merger with W.L. Gore. Hairston ends up with Kuiu. At a time when emerging waterproof/breathable fabric technologies (, requires membership for access), offer the promise of much better waterproof/breathable performance in hunting clothing/gear, the liberty to contract with any fabric vendor - not limited to just WL Gore Assoc - to make the best technical hunting apparel - could be an important advantage.

            Future vision-limited startup funding?
            But Hairston ends up with Kuiu and maybe limited funding? -again due to some caution in markets now? As suggested, maybe Kuiu/Hairston effort now is just scam...but another guess could be that Hairston - just speculating -continues the vision; technical-fabric/techniques-applied-to-mountain-style-hunting trajectory - without relying on one preferred vendor commitment, but given the many pitfalls of building a clothing/gear business for a niche audience and limited funding - Kuiu gear is being launched initially to "subscribers" - to build some buzz?

            In some of their pre-marketing press releases, they explain (along with their efforts in fabrics/tech selection, field testing by hunters) that part of the marketing rationale (reserved seat shopping and limited quantities) is hoping to provide fair initial distribution. Not sure how it could be much more fair or inline with their (presumed) objective of developing interest in their gear. Isn't this just one new way marketing is now done?
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              Looking hard

              Besides all the marketing hype. The looks of the gloves is solid and simple. The Primaloft jacket are good for the price. Similar insulating jackets are retailing closer to $200. The Merino layers, well what can ya say. The pre launch pricing looks good to me.

              I'll be inline to get the gloves, a merino layer, and "Spindrift" insulating jacket next Thursday. I'm willing to try those items.

              I'll admit it's an experiment.

              I tried the same thing with early Sitka gear 90% wear. I ended up not wearing it 90% of the time. Poor stitch, fading, breaking fasteners,ect..... I'm trying newer stuff now.

              I guess I can support an american company trying to keep things in N. America. They manufacture in Canada it looks like.


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                Originally posted by Bighorse View Post
                I guess I can support an American company trying to keep things in N. America. They manufacture in Canada it looks like.
                Would make sense.
                If I'm not mistaken this company is based on Integral designs (primaloft) which has always been a Canadian company.

                I've heard a few good things about KUIU's product line, and I'll be looking hard at it, but the initial marketing ploy is bad juju. Hard core equipment folks aren't dumb; they do their homework and spend beaucoup. They don't need the sales gimmicks.
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                  What's this stuff going to do that Ibex, Arcteryx LEAF, OTTE gear, etc., etc. isn't already doing?


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                    OR, Mt. Hardwear, Marmot........ect. Point made.

                    I just wanted some new layers this year and to support their startup. Afterall it's a company geared towards hunting.

                    I've got a mix of gear from various companies depending on what works and value. It does kinda make me chuckle when I see a guy sling on an entire two thousand dollar Sitka Gear ensemble.


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                      I have seen some of KUIUs prototype gear being field tested on a hunt this year in Alaska. My initial take is that it is high quality hunting apparel and once KUIU swings into full production and the word gets out it will be popular. On that note, I will refrain from purchasing any for two reasons: (1) I will let others test the waters (just like with Sitka Gear, until the bugs are worked out) (2) I prefer to support local Alaskan businesses whenever possible (if Barney's etc. carries the KUIU line then I would consider). I got to give credit to J.H. for following his dream and I wish KUIU much success in their future. TS


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                        By the time the kinks are gone then the next best mouse trap will be available and probably will be more dollars. I have no doubts this stuff is good, but there is now a lot of gear sold that one may have 2-4 sets of "normal good gear"for the same dollars. I still have not died because I passed on Sitka but I did get a little older and sound more like my father! LOL Remember, they sell it because they CAN.


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                          Originally posted by Chisana View Post
                          What's this stuff going to do that Ibex, Arcteryx LEAF, OTTE gear, etc., etc. isn't already doing?
                          Nothing, IMO other than Kuiu, like SG, offers top shelf tech fabrics in camo.
                          In some instances, field-tested hunting gear might be more durable than some other general use outerwear.
                          The best outdoor apparel brands (like those you mentioned) though have been working at tough, functional gear for much longer than SG or Kuiu - for those who don't need/want camo.

                          End-of-season discounts still offer the best values, both for the reduced prices, and giving buyers the benefit of a season of "field trials" by others.
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                            The company is using materials that are designed to perform in mountaineering situations; therefore, the products are starting off above the vast majority of hunting lines that simply advertise the latest and greatest tree stand camo IMO. This makes KUIU one of the few lines that offer hunting gear that truly gears towards AK hunting. I think that there are legitimate concerns (i.e. is the company even going to be around to honor there no questions asked return policy, are they going to be able to send replacements if they are so short on their supply, camo pattern, etc). Time will tell, and an Internet company rarely compares to great local customer service.


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                              I don't use camo, but if I did I would look very closely at Arcteryx LEAF multicam.

                              Personally I can't think of one situation in my Alaska hunting experience where camo would have changed the outcome. I'd be curious to learn how important others think camo is.


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