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  • Eureka tents?

    How good are Eureka tents? Are they as good as the Cabelas Guide Tent? I will be using this on an unguided caribou hunt in early September. Thanks.

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    don't have much experince with eureka tents, but i would guess it depends on the model you have. you'll want a fly that comes all the way to the ground. another detail, compare the price with teh guide tent you mentioned, the cabelas guide tents are about the low end of good quality tents as far as price goes. spendy tents are usually worth the money, cheap tents are too for that matter! as usually alwasy bring a couple tarps with you, for extra shelter and just in case your tent fails...i still bring them everywhere i go.
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      I have had two, a TImberline 4 person and a 2-man that I can't remember the model name. I have never had a problem except for a raccoon tearing a hole in the Timberline. Except for that, they have been excellent.

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        Well for what it's worth my hunting partner bought a Eureka Apex ? I think it is about 8 or more years ago. 2 man, dual vestible type. We have used it a lot. It's been a good tent. We have never had it in extremely high direct wind but we have had it in some pretty windy conditions. It has held up well and neaver leaked. A little seepage at times but nothing major and cured quickly with a little seam seal. Nice design for 2 guys. His has the fly that goes all the way to the ground.

        I just bought a Eureka Solitaire. Two pole 1 man 3 season bivy/tent hybrid about 2 lbs. Found it at Value Village for 15 bucks. A few years old but brand new. Has fiberglass poles but I can get aluminum ones for about 30 bucks. Should make a nice little bivy with room for gear inside. If it holds up like his Apex I'll be happy.

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          Many people in the U.S. are unaware that Eureka sells some much tougher, different tents outside the U.S. Check Eureka Tents Canada for a listing of these. The U.S. tents are at Eureka Tent.

          And FWIW, there are no tents with fiberglass poles that would be invited on any of my trips.


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            Doesn't Eureka make Barney's Bomb Shelters? They're pretty good.


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              I have an alpine meadows 4, good tent, breaths well, stays pretty dry, but if you are in high wind and rain I would take my sierra designs stretch dome or nightwatch in a hurry. if it was moderate weather....I love the height of the eureka.


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