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  • Tent Photos and Review Info

    With all the talk about tents we have around here and since they come in so many shapes and sizes for different uses, I thought I'd start this sticky thread where we can post pics and a brief description of the tent. Please include tepees, wall tents, tarp tents, etc. If you post and need to edit it after the fact just shoot me a pm. If you post about comments regarding this thread I will paste them into this post and delete your original post. This way we can keep the thread on track. Suggestions?
    Maybe we can follow this format.
    Number Persons:
    Primary Use: 3 season, 4 season, etc.
    Comments: good and bad
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    Year: 2008
    Make: Hilleberg
    Model: Tarra
    Number Persons: 2
    Primary Use: 4 season Mountaineering
    Comments: Hilleberg says it's their strongest dome tent. I have only used it on two trips this year, total of about 14 days. Had it in some high winds and rain. No prob. Pitch it where you want to or have too, stake it down and let the wind blow. Man, I love this tent. It comes in at about 8.5 lbs. No prob for two guys. Two vestibules/entrances with room for packs, boots, gear and run a stove, 4 equal length 10mm poles, 4 of the guy line loops wrap around intersect points of the poles. Poles pitch in the outer tent, inner tent hangs inside, great ventilation. But, it is expensive. It cost me about 40 bucks a night this year to stay in it! Cheaper than most hotels though and next trip it will be "free lodging"! A Pro-Deal can save some money if a guy qualifies.

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      Ok I'll play

      Year: 2009
      Make: Hilleberg
      Model: Nallo GT 3
      Number Persons: 3
      Primary Use: 4 season Mountaineering
      Comments: I have had this tent since February and have about 20 nights in it so far. Most have been pretty tame in the trees but last week finally (Sept 19-21) got to put it through its paces a little up in the mountains. 50+ mph winds (measured on my cheesy little wind/thermometer) for 2 straight days and it help up like a champ. Its not freestanding so staking is required, but like anything with a little common sense you can make it work. It weighs in at 6.2 pounds all up. Great tent with plenty of room for two or three is you are small which is a trend that is strong in my family. The one huge vestibule is super nice for storing backpacks ad gear for 3 people and still have enough room to cook meals in. Ventilation is great as well as long as you keep the vents open.


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        GoLite Shangra La 3. (HEX)

        Ultralight tipi shelter. Options for floor or bug nest.

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            Year: 2008
            Model:Nallo 4 GT
            Number Persons: 4
            Primary Use: 3+ season
            Comments: Basically the same as what Alaska_Lanche has to say about his Nallo 3 GT only +1 (It holds one more person and weighs about a pound more) I love the tent, it is a castle! Tons of room to work with inside and a GIANT vestibule. My only negative is the color they were out of red so I got green you can see why I wish I had red in the second picture...


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              Make:Kifaru Tipi
              Number Persons:2, Maybe 3 People
              Primary Use: 4 season (with Kifaru wood stove)
              Comments: Excellent floorless tent. The tent liner must be used to prevent condensation build-up in the tent, but the liner works extremely well. The tipi is easy to set-up, but it requires a number of stakes that can be difficult to drive in rocky terrain. The height of the tent allows people 6 feet and under to stand-up. Although the tent is a "6-man", two people fit comfortably in the tent, three people in the tent would be quite crowded.
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                YEAR: 2006
                MAKE: Kelty
                MODEL: Radiant
                NUMBER OF PERSONS: 2
                PACKED WEIGHT: 7 lbs, 10 oz.
                PRIMARY USE: 4- season
                COMMENTS: Great tent for a base camp, but I wouldn't want to spike camp with it, its a little on the heavy side, but great in the wind and cold, you will get hot in this tent , thus why all the ventilation.Very roomy and spacious, vestibule is very small, just enough for boots. inside stayed very dry during torrential downpours, a great tent to say the least for the money, but I would still go with a Hilleberg.


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                  Spike Tent

                  YEAR: 2007
                  MAKE: Mountain Hardwear
                  MODEL: Bunker 1
                  No. OF PERSONS: 1
                  PACKED WT: 3 lbs
                  PRIMARY USE: 4 season
                  COMMENTS: This is my Spike tent, My go to tent, This tent to me tops all the bivies, and I have several, I also compared it to the Hilleberg Soulo. I have used this tent everywhere I had been solo, and once on Kodiak in October. The only bad thing is there is not enough ventilation, thus you'll accumulate moisture, there is only one vent, however you can unzip the door to however you feel comforting. You'll warm up fast in this tent, and it handles good in high winds, I had it in 60-70 mph winds. I had a few friends that wanted one and can only be found on online aftermarket sales, I don't know why but this tent has been discontinued.Folds and rolls up small and compact, no fly needed, just a footprint. This tent is strong yet very light too, a must see.


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                    Is that your backpack that transforms into a lawnchair

                    Make: Integral Designs
                    Model: Siltarp II
                    No. of persons: 1-3 depending on pitch
                    Packed weight: 1lb 6oz with plenty of guylines and stakes
                    Primary Use: 3 season
                    Comments: This has become my favorite shelter although on remote trips it is brought for spike and the Nallo 2 gets the bulk of the duty, looks like the Nallo are getting their due recognition already. Surprisingly stout when pitched properly in the wind as well. I left it pitched as a meat cache on the slope for several days while searching for caribou and it performed.


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                      Year: 2008
                      Make: Alaska Tent and Tarp, Arctic Oven
                      Model: Arktika
                      Number Persons: 4-6
                      Primary Use: 3 season, 4 season,
                      Comments: Great tent, have used it during hunting season the last three years and this years trip to Bus 142. I have the upgraded "Scout" stove and this thing will heat you out if your not careful even at -40. I have the older vestibule option that is less than desirable but I understand that they have a new version that is much better.


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                        XPG Four season tent
                        i have the 2,4 adn 6 man versions love them all the same. not sure on the weight. to heavy for a spike camp, perfect base camp, super strong in high winds, hold snow loads well, and heat great with a latern or buddy heater. good price and last a lonngg time if you take care of them like you should. only base camps tents i use are cabela's. the weight and price can't be beat.
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                          Beckel Canvas

                          This is my Beckel Canvas tent. Used it for two three week long fishing trips. Sleeps one comfortably along with the best friend. Really though you could get at least three people in comfortably but I like having my table and chair and Hank needs his space too.

                          Beckel Canvas
                          Year: Unknown
                          Size: 8x10
                          Mostly summer fishing but could be used year round
                          Upside, very roomy for what I do, downside is that it is heavy. Typical wall tent.
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                            Cabela's 4person guide series - absolutely fantastic tent. A bit heavy, but worth the haul. Lots of room, has stood up to incredible rain storms and winds on the side of a mountain and never failed. Get the floor liner as well - doubles the thickness of the floor and makes mid-trip tent clean up a snap. Here's a picture from the Kenai range on one of the usual cloudy rainy windy days - kept me and all the gear perfectly warm and dry. [IMG][/IMG]


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                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo073.jpg
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ID:	2484491Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo075.jpg
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Size:	49.9 KB
ID:	2484492 My AO Artika.
                              I absolutely LOVE THIS TENT!! I bring it snowmachining as it works just as good as anything I've stayed in. The footprint, floor and floor saver have holes cut into them with velcro closures for when I go ice fishing too!!
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