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  • What GPS should I get?

    I want to get a GPS; it will mainly be used for hunting, although I do a little hiking and boating too. Nothing fancy, just something to use and break myself into GPS navigation. I'm thinking I'd like to spend between $100-$150. Any suggestions of brands/models available?


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    I use the Rhino 120, very easy to use, and built in 2 way radio. I know they go new for $300, but you might be able to find one on E-bay or somewhere!


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      I'd just get an eTrex. It doesn't have many fancy features, but points to lat and long, and spits out lat and long. The batteries last a long time, which I think is a plus.


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        in that price range, another vote for the garmin etrex
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          I'm no expert, but as far as ease of use and the necessary capabilities is concerned, I think it is hard to beat the Garmin eTrex. I thought there was a rebate deal going on right now somewhere, can't remember what store or the amount though.

          The eTrex Legend offers 1,000 waypoints, 160 x 288 pixel display, 18-hour battery life, detailed basemap, 8 MB for optional map. This is very basic and allows for land and marine options. It has served my brother very well for about 4? years now. He uses it for hunting, fishing and mapping.

          I tend to do more traveling and spend more time outdoors so I opt for the color display (makes an amazing difference) and more memory.

          I have heard and read that the rhino models don't pick signals up as well as the basic eTrex models, but I have no experience with them.

          Here is a link to Garmin's site:

          Good Luck


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            Ditto for the Garmin eTrex Legend

            I have owned one for the past 5 years and I take it on all of my hunts. I also purchased the vehicle 12 volt adapter, cradle and downloadable maps to use it as a vehicle navigation system. Now, the price has come down to about $100 and Garmin map software is included in the bundle, but I paid $249 five years ago plus the cost of additional maps.

            Really, you don't need to buy additional maps, but it helps to so you can see the smaller roads and trails instead of just the streets and roadways.

            My only complaint is that it has an internal antenna and signals will sometimes be difficult to obtain in heavy cover of woods. In that case, you just need to step out from under the canopy of trees and the signal returns in a few seconds. Even so, the small size, rugged reliability, ease of use, clarity of the screen and additional features such as moon phase hunting and fishing predictions make it indispensible for me. Get one and you will not be disappointed.
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              Thanks for the insight

              Seems like I need to look at the Garmin etrex! Thanks for the links Buck.



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                rebate information

                No problem Tim. The rebate offer I was thinking about appears to be only for the CX (color/extended memory) models, which is not what you are looking for, I don't think. You might talk to the salesperson and see if they can help you out with rebates, many times they have capabilities that aren't available to the public. Here is the link regardless: http://www.garmin.com/whatsNew/curre...rex_series.pdf


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                  I'm sold on the rhino. I used it while over in Iraq.
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