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Trouble with Ordering from EABCO

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  • Trouble with Ordering from EABCO

    Has anyone every had problems when ordering from EABCO? I recently placed an order for some reloading supplies, received an e-mail with a total amount, and was charged $3 over what the e-mail stated. To me, $3 is not a big deal but I was concerned about being charged a different amount. A couple of dollars per customer can add up to a huge amount of money. Any time I get charged something different than what I expect I begin to think something is fishy.

    I contacted EABCO and spoke with a customer service representative. After awhile, they figured out the extra $3 was for shipping (I live in Alaska). I asked them to explain why I wasn't charged the correct shipping amount in the first place and was told they could charge whatever they want for shipping. At this point, the rep got pretty pissy. She started to give me lip for caring about $3. I told her it wasn't the $3 but the mere fact that I was charged a different amount than the invoice. I've had changes to orders because of shipping to Alaska but I've always received an e-mail or phone call to authorize the extra amount.

    In the end, the rep refunded the $3 but that wasn't the resolution I was looking for. I was just hoping they would apologize for charging me extra and not telling me.
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    Ive dealt with that lady over at eabco before to. She has a short temper. I needed an Item ASAP, they informed me it was on backorder the next day. I asked her to refund me so I could order the item somewhere else and she went into a big huff. They still send me their catalog, and I still never order anything from it. I might eventually, I kinda want a rimfire conversion for my encore. And this extra shipping for alaska crap is getting old.


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      Hi All,

      Anyone having this problem PLEASE send me a PM. I'm a stock holder in this company. I really don't like any of this..... and I don't think the other stock holders will either. It's bad for business. Profits are not high in a growing company and this sort of thibg doesn;t help.


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