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Kelty 50th Ann. Pack review

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  • Kelty 50th Ann. Pack review

    Time to post a review I guess.

    The last pack I bought I wanted 7000 cubes, less than 8lbs, less than $250. I already have a smaller internal frame pack and an older pack frame. I bought a Kelty 50th anniversary edition pack on ebay last year for $185. It's a morph between an external and internal frame pack. It has a frame that does not restrict movement and the bag slips over it. No pins. No frame parts are exposed at all even on the bottom. Nothing to get hung up in the brush or sliding over boulders. It allows plenty of arm movement unlike a typical frame pack. You could draw a bow with the pack on. Not a problem shouldering a rifle with it on either. Hard to describe but it's 7200 cubes and only weighs 7lbs. The two big external pouches are removeable and you can reposition them. It also has a "wet mesh pouch" that is removable and has shoulder straps. Comes in handy for various things. If you can get your hands on one it's a great pack. I have hauled between 85 and 140lbs with it for miles and miles over rough terrain. It worked good. Although when you get up over 125+ lbs you can definatly feel it. For the way the pack fits me it's doable. A $500 Mystery Ranch pack or equivalent probably would handle extreme heavy loads better but they are spendy and weigh more. A rifle stock butt can sit in an exterior pouch. I rigged up a velcro strap around the barrel. I can get the gun off the pack quickly with the pack on. Since it is techincally an external frame pack the pack does not ride on your back. A mesh panel is all that touches your back which makes it cool. My back sweats like crazy so I like this aspect of it.

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    Pack from the rear.

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