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    I will be moving north of Fairbanks soon. I used to live there and when outside I used white bunny boots. They worked great even when wet but sometimes a little on the heavy, clunky side. Anyone have experience with another good winter boot that would like to share info? A lot of my time will be spent outside with a good portion flying a plane.

    Thanks for the response.
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    I live up in Fairbanks and these are my favorites...

    The 13" Grizzly is great for hiking in the snow and cold, and the Northern is the cat's meow for less mobile activities like snowmachining, ice fishing, etc. They're nowhere near as clunky as the bunny boots, and give your feet great insulation.



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      Arctic 50

      You might want to look at chippewa arctic 50's, designed for special forces. We use them up here on the Slope and there awesome.There a little spendy at $235.00 but well worh it. There tough and and really warm. cabelas carries them as does ebay etc... Good Luck


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        I like LaCross Icemans.
        Now what ?


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          White's "Elk Guide" boots are my favorites for really cold weather. I prefer less bulky boots for flying. I'd use White's "Mountain" model but I can't get them to fit my feet. I usually just wear insulated hiking boots or standard Sorels to fly and carry my heavier boots if I think I'll need them.

          I'll never put another Bunny boot on my feet. There are much better options these days.


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            LaCrosse Cold Weather

            I wear a pair of LaCrosse cold weather EXTREME PFT boots. I added a set of felt inserts and I am good to go for -20* weather, on the ice, for most of the day.

            I cannot stand my feet or hands getting cold and these boots have been permanentaly echted high upon my list of good boots. They are light weight but a tad on the bulky side. I still have no problem making way through knee deep snow while towing an sled full of ice fishing gear. They track well on the ice when my father-in-law would fall flat on his rear end wearing his bunny boots. To top it off they are the most comfortable boots I have ever slipped on.

            The day I have to replace these boots will be a sad one. When selecting winter boots the words "cheap" and "frugal" should not enter your mind.


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              Got to talking with a kid at Cabelas who has visited the Iditerod the last few years. When I asked him about his choice of footwear, he responded with the Trans Alaskans. I've never seen them, but by looking at the diagram and reading the description they seem as if they would be HUGE! Anyone have any experience with them?


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                cold toes/warm heart

                Picked a pair up for my wife... they are big but less than bunny boots... When she has worn them she loves them.

                I've seen guys on the range all day wearing them. They look very similar to LaCrosse Extreme PFT's that WaterGremlin was talking about.

                I'll add this... I know there are guys that will never change from the tried and true... Until two weeks ago I had never had a pair of bunny boots on. I decided to pull them out and put them on for an 8 hour day at the range. (training) My feet were cold all day... I decided to try them one more time for a 6 hour outdoor sit. (also training) COLD again... I'm sure they were the thing in their day but I'm not sold on them...

                I'm looking at the transAK, LaCrosse Ex PFT or a BAFFIN.... Have not decided which...


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                  A couple of years ago I tore a hole in my favorite White's and had to send them in for rebuild. It was still snow-go season so I bought a pair of Klim snowmachining boots. If you're unfamiliar, these are just snowboarder's boots with a different name. Wow are they warm. Often times too warm. They might be the warmest boots I own, but they aren't the most comfortable to walk in.

                  The warmest boots on the planet are Northern Outfitters. Unbelievably warm. My wife, who always has cold feet, got stuck in some overflow on the Talkeetna River on a -30 day. We got her going and had a good rest of the day. That night she took her boots off and found her feet had gotten wet. That was hours before, and she never knew. There's a serious endorsement.


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                    I've worn bunny boots for 24 years up here and never had cold feet. Last year I wanted something that would be a little lighter and more comfortable, and wouldn't soak my feet in sweat, so I got the Cabelas Trans-Alaska. They work pretty good. I broke both the laces by the end of the year. They are a tall boot, it's like you're wearing platform shoes. They won't fit in running boards of my Arcticcat 03 F7, but they fit in the Skidoo 04 SUV, very tight fit in the Polaris 91 widetrak. They barely fit in my snowshoe bindings. Bunny boots fit in all of them. If I'm going out and there is a good chance I'm going to get into overflow I wear my bunny boots. They are pretty comfortable. I really like how tall they are. The laces are hard to get used to, takes alot longer to get them on and off. I never lace up my bunny boots, just enough laces to keep the lace flaps from flapping around, and not too tight so I can still slip them on and off.

                    I use a good thick insole in the bunny boots. Helps absorb some of the moisture and makes them more comfortable.

                    Don't get them too small. A tight boot isn't going to be warm, no matter what it is.

                    Bata and Miner are the best bunny boots. And the white ones are warmer than the black ones. I prefer the white Batas.


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                      I wore my LaCrosse boots today at -15* from 7am until 2pm while coyote hunting at knik and my feet were never cold. I wish I could compare these boots to the others on the market, but I am not willing to spend that much cash.


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                        Hey Gremlin

                        Hey Gremlin... You get those boots local? I really hate buying without seeing them...


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                          If you want the warmest ... it might be hard to do better than the Baffin extreme series ...


                          I'm also very fond of Altimate boots ...



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                            WinMag I bought them at 6th Ave Outfitters about 5 years ago.


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                              Extreme PFTs

                              Hey Gremlin was browsing at Sportsman's Wharehouse today and noticed they had the LaCrosse Extreme PFTs... could'nt help myself... Will see how they do... Sure seem nice...


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