Softshell Jacket—Arc’teryx Sigma AR vs Marmot Sharp Point



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  • Softshell Jacket—Arc’teryx Sigma AR vs Marmot Sharp Point

    I plan to buy a softshell jacket soon. I have budget around $200. The jackets I am looking at are: Arc’teryx Sigma AR Jacket (Fog color) and Marmot Sharp Point Jacket (Dark blue color). Their price, which is on sale now, is about the same-- ~$180. I tried them both (at a local store) and both of them seem to fit me well. I plan to wear this jacket when I go hiking (Yosemite or Grand Canyon) and also sometime when I work in the desert. I also would like to be able to wear it around town during the rainy winter too (40-60 deg F).

    I wonder which one is a better. I heard that Arc’teryx is a better name in overall so I lean forward it. But I’m just afraid that it will get dirty easier since its color is Fog, which light gray (it’s the only color that is on sale). I would appreciate if you can give me some advice.

    By the way, I looked at Arc’teryx jacket product lines and get confused since they have so many jackets. What is the difference between Gamma jacket and Sigma jacket? What is the meaning of MX, AR, SV (e.g. Gamma MX, Gamma SV, Sigma AR)?

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