Cabela's MT50 vs. Rivers West light-weight vs. Marmot Precip?



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  • Cabela's MT50 vs. Rivers West light-weight vs. Marmot Precip?

    I (like everyone else) am trying to figure out my wet weather gear. I've got the Marmot Precip jacket and HH Storm pants. They are totally water proof, and they will sweat you up really fast. I've heard good things about the MT50 (light, breathable, packable), but I wonder is it really "water-proof". I looked at the light-weight Rivers West stuff and it looks pretty good. The pants have zippered vents that run the length of your quads, The jacket has zippers on the pits, it feels like fleece and would be quite, (and possibly eliminate the need to carry dedicated rain gear) but I'm concerned that once this stuff gets really wet, it may take it a long time to dry and therefore add water-weight to the load. I don't guess there is any perfect rain gear or we would all have it already, but I would like to hear from someone that has used the MT50 and the Rivers West light-weight stuff if there is anyone out that has.

    BTW, my planned use will be for a goat/sheep hunt in BC next fall. Thanks for the help!

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    I have used Riverswest backcountry jacket and pants for about 3 hunts so far and it has performed flawlessly. I live in the interior of Alaska and have stood in a down pour without getting wet. On the way to my standing, I hiked about three miles up and down some ridges. This was pretty physical considering all the alders I had to swim threw (no rips) so about a third of the way I opened up the vents and stayed comfortably ventilated. When I got back to the 4Runner, all I did was brush my pants off, and shook my jacket. Most of the moisture that was on the garments just flew off, and in about 20 minutes of driving it was dry. Haven't used the MT50, got to the riverswest first which is the only reason. Hope this helps...



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      Rivers West

      I definitely second the recommendation of Rivers West gear. Completely rain proof, silent, and comfortable.
      Marc Theiler


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        Rain gear report

        I just returned from northern BC after a great backpack bowhunt for Mountain Goat with Spike Lewis from Bolen & Lewis Trophy Guiding. The autumn weather in the coastal mountains will test your gear selections to the max. Raingear is always an issue and as usual, I spent a ton of time researching gear options for this trip. Having used the RW stuff on an Alaskan bowhunt for Sitka Deer last year, I already knew it was not an option for a highly active hunt like this due to the same problems others have mentioned regarding sweat build up, weight and slow drying. Although I did not have the LW stuff, Iíve seen it and donít think it will be much better than the original weight gear. I think itís like hunting/hiking in a wetsuit. I absolutely love the stuff for wet weather stand hunting though.

        I chose the Integral Design EVent Jacket. The EVent fabric is supposed to be similar to Gore-Tex, but lighter and more breathable. The jacket was ultralight and only weighed 9 or 10 ounces in XL. The EVent fabric is clearly at least as waterproof as Gore-Tex but I do think it breathes much better. I never really had any condensation issues even while hiking with a heavy load. I did have one problem with the jacket, however. The cuffs are made of a different material and are not waterproof. I had a wicking problem during my training when the cuffs leaked so my wrist's and lower fore arms did get wet. When I spoke to a rep at ID he told me to treat the cuffs with a DWR. They still leaked but not as bad. It's a shame because otherwise, this would be a super breathable, ultra-lightweight wind and storm shell. I really hope ID gets the cuff problem solved and I wonder about the ID Event pants and how durable they would be bushwhacking and climbing in rocky terrain. (I also used an ID EVent Bivy and had no condensation issues, further evidence as to the fabrics breath-ability)

        I picked up a pair Gore-Tex pack-lite waterproof pants on sale at EMS and they kept me dry but the pack-lite material was not rugged enough for a mountain hunt and I put a few small holes in the seat during the hunt.

        Overall, I'd give my raingear an average rating and would look at something better for my next mountain hunt. Spike used a Gore Tex XCR set from Mountain Equipment Co-Op that worked well and was quite durable. That might be my starting point for next time if the ID stuff isnít improved but the quest for the ultimate raingear continues.


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          My wife and I each own a set of Marmot Precip and MT50 raingear. The MT50 is OK. For a backpack hunt it is pretty heavy and performance in marginal. The MT50 also does not have pit zips, which are a real benefit.

          My wife has had her Precip gear for about 3 years and I've had mine for 2 years. In this time, neither one of us has a complaint about it. It is not quite as warm as the MT50 but it is much more packable, reliable and comfortable. I usually couple my Precip jacket with a Primaloft vest. This combination is warmer, lighter and just plain better than Cabella's MT50.


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            Thanks for the help. I've got the Precip Jacket and HH Storm pants. I think they'll do fine until someone a lot smarter than me can come up with something SIGNIFICANTLY better. Thanks again.


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              rivers west

              Save your money if you do many physical hunts. Have the lightweight stuff and about burnt it on a sheep hunt. If it is cold cold out it is probably real good. Repels water like a champ but is HOT!!!! More posted on this subject in hunting archives by the way.


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                I really like my MT50.


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                  known issues with the precip

                  I think people who have run the precips through the wringer know the weaknesses. If you're a sweater then the condensation can build up quickly.

                  I can deal with that except that it's so hard to dry out in humid conditions. I spent many days in the sound kayaking with a precip jacket in a nearly constant deluge and couldn't get it dry. great waterproof layer-you just have to be careful with it.


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