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help with women's hiking/hunting boots

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  • help with women's hiking/hunting boots

    What do you gals or your gals prefer for their hunting/hiking boot. Options are very limited here in Anc.

    I am lookin for a hunting/hiking boot for my wife. She will mainly use it for hiking but also some moose/bear hunting, so something that goes higher than her ankle.


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    I have a pair of Danner Pronghorn boots. I wear them a lot! Hiking, hunting or just a daily boot. Very comfy.
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      hey baitem...

      do you wear the 1000g or the unins.? I noticed they only make the two flavors for the women.


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        They are 1000g. but once you break them in the bulk kind of settles. My feet stay warm but do not sweat. I am cold blooded though..I chill easily
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        Bear Bait & Moose Lure Company


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          my sister wears a Lowa boot

          I can't recall which one, but I will check for you. She has a lot of miles on them, but not too many mountain miles. She likes them because they are light. She tried a different boot last year and I think she likes them better, but only ankle high.

          Some of the female hunters I know use Danner Pronghorns, insulated.


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            Just like for us guys boot fit is a very personal thing. My wife tried on the Danner Pronghorns among other boots, but didn't fit her quite right. After having to abort a 50 mile trek 35 miles early due to a bad boot fit I told her to find one that worked for her regardless of cost. She ended up with the La Sportiva Glaciers. But that doesn't mean they will work for your wife. Take her to REI and try on a bunch. Order some from (free return shipping if it doesn't work). Ultimately her feet will tell her what works for her.

            Good luck.


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              Women's hunting boots


              Hi this is Mrs. 454 Casull , regarding hunting boots for your wife, I have been wearing Lowa boots for the last 2 yrs, they are comfortable boots but I have 2 issues with them... one is that they are not waterproof(the ones I have are the Baniff) and second they do not provide me with enough ankle support, on my last sheep hunt and twisted my ankle really bad and then the next day I got to pack out my sheep with wet feet and a ankle swollen twice its size. At the Anchorage Sprotsmen Show and coulple weeks ago I tryed on a pair of Kenetrek boots, they also were comfortable, they definelty had more ankle support and I climbed on the chair and tryed to twist my ankle around and the boot felt pretty solid. I assumed I would get a pair of La Sportivas next because I would like to try a pair of mountaineering boots but I will look into the Kenetrek as well. Hope this helps.


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                Originally posted by ripnlip View Post
                do you wear the 1000g or the unins.? I noticed they only make the two flavors for the women.
                Danner makes the Pronghorn in 400g insulation. My wife has a pair of these.


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                  Thanks for all the help everyone!!!!

                  I had no idea they made the pronghorns in 400g for women.

                  She is still trying on boots when she gets some time, so hopefully we get her somethin soon.

                  Still open for more suggestions.


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                    I have some Vasque boots. My husband's best friend lives by these boots. I personally don't mind what kind of brand I have, just has long as they work good with my arch supports and give me good ankle support.
                    These are the ones that I have:
                    I actually really enjoyed these boots on our sheep hunt. They were durable, flexible, and I didn't sprain any ankles. I only had one spot of a blister and I took care of it quickly with moleskin.
                    I like these boots. I'd suggest them to any woman who is an avid hiker/climber or hunter... especially sheep hunter.

                    I am also looking into purchasing my Vasque trail running shoes. I previously had Columbia running shoes and I finally invested in some really good running shoes very recently. I'll be going back to trail running shoes here in about 4-6 weeks to break them in.
                    I'd purchase a trail running shoes like this one:

                    I hope that helps!


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