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  • Sporthill pants

    Anyone use or tried Sporthills pants for sheep hunting? Any user reviews?



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    go to the "search" function up near the top and type in sporthill. you'll have plenty to read...
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      you will find a lot of folks who like them. for $160 i thought they were very expensive for what I would call 'glorified' sweatpants. if you feel them, you will see what I mean.


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        I have a pair and I would consider them as way too hot for sheep hunting.


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          Sporthill 3SP pants

          I have wore my "Sporthills" on sheep and goat hunts and would highly recommend them. They are not to hot (at least when and where I go) yet very warm when it is cool, breath well, block quite a bit of wind, dry quickly, stretch and move with you when climbing, and are very durable. There are also a lot of other good "mountain backpack hunting" pants out there. It is hard to choose nowadays. The mountaineering community has opened up such an array of new and worthy gear for us to consider. The new "First Ascent" line by Eddie Bauer which is designed by some of the worlds greatest mountaineers is definately worth a look. I sure like the looks of their "Guide Pants".


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            Originally posted by VernAK View Post
            I have a pair and I would consider them as way too hot for sheep hunting.
            I agree 100%!! It is much better to have a lighter set of pants and a geed base layer I can wear under them on cooler days. I also noticed that If i climbed into my synthetic bag w/ damp sitka gear (I am not thrilled w/ Sitka's durability) that I would dry and be comfortable. This is not the case w/ the sporthill 3sp pants. I tried it last year and after a couple hours shivering I took them off and was warmer with nothing! It was miserable putting on the cold wet pants in the morning too To me they are as mentioned above, very expensive sweat pants. I look forward to trying out some Mammut Champ pants as well as a couple different sets of Haglofs gear namely the fjell and Rugged Mountain pants if I can find them in my size...


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              I tried them out last Aug sheep hunting and thought they were a bit warm for time of the year yet they did flex and stretch real well which was nice. They might be better off for a Sept hunt once the temps have come down a little.

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                I have some Sporhills from Barney Bob and also some Mammut Champ pants. They're both great but the thing that makes me choose which to take is the temps. Sporthills are warmer. Sometimes too warm. On the other hand Champs are cooler. Sometimes too cool. If I could only keep one I'd keep the Champs.


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                  Here's another Sporthill source for guys who like to internet shop. The Expedition pants are just XC pants with a condom pocket and belt loops. I don't care if I have either, so I guess $100 pants are back.



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                    love em

                    They fit kinda like spandex, not that tight but they are a stretch type.
                    I wore em the last two years for sheep hunting. Last year was very very wet and pretty cool. Wore em for 9 days straight and loved the comfort and drying ability. They were wet many days but dried very quick when the rain stopped.
                    Wore em every night and they dried quick in the bag.
                    Only downfall is everything sticks to them. They collect sheep hairt and dirt very easily.
                    My parnter wore OR exos and they stayed clean the whole trip. Were noisy though.
                    When it got reall cold I would put on a pair of sitka pants over them but most of the time that was too warm.


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                      ordered some

                      and sold them the next day. Don't like wearing spandex and the texture of them was weird. I went with the sitka mountain pants and love them! Don't get too hot and they dry out very fast.


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                        I got a pair and used them on my Goat hunt last fall. I am going to go buy 2 more pair! Loved em. Very comfortable to hike in (stretch well) hold up great and they dry off very fast with a little breeze.

                        I also bought a apir of "WESTCOMB" pants, made in Canada and these were the BOMB to wear over the sp3's. $290.00 at Barney's but well worth their weight in gold and they weigh meer ounces! :cool:


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                          Good Pants

                          If you can get by the wierd texture of the material , then I think they would make a great pant. Wife has 2 pairs - I have 2 pairs (Larger pair for layering) and just like
                          previous comments, they dry quickly are really water resistant and do
                          seam to wear like steel.
                          Ours are black in color - I do wish they were lighter colored.
                          Have tried everything from Mammuts to Arctyrex to Patagonias to Outdoor Research and the sporthills rank right up their.
                          I would not hesitate to buy another pair if they offered lighter colors.



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                            Great pant

                            I prefer hunting sheep late (September) and love mine. In fact I am still using the same pair that I purchased in 1995. Have a small hole, but they still hold up. I did purchase a second pair in 1997. Depending on how light I have to go I take both pair and leave on at base camp

                            They are warm, but you need that for a late sheep hunt. I have purchased the Mammot Champ pant and have not used them. I also purchased the Sporthill camo pant and have not used them either.



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                              I have some of the new style camo pants which are different than the old. And like anything else they have their place. I wore them on a walk in sheep hunt last August and it turned out to be a cold one. Below freezing temps, wind, light snow, etc. The pants were great at those temps and very very wind resistant. I tend to believe Sporthills claim of the 3sp fabric being wind resistant to 35 mph. The first time I wore them on a hike it was about 55-60 or so and they were too warm for me. I am amazed at how warm they actually are. The fabric does'nt seem like it should be that warm. I like them but would not want to have them as my only option on an early August warm hunt, like 60+ and sunshine. I'd like to try the Mammut Champs.
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