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*** Danner Hunting Boot Opinions????? ***

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  • *** Danner Hunting Boot Opinions????? ***

    I am considering a good set of hunting boots in the $180 price range. I was looking at the Danners due to the known quality of there boots. What boot would you guys recomment for Deer Hunting around PWS and moose hunting around the vally areas. Please give me some options that you would stand behind from personal opinions and experience.


    400 Thinsulate should be ideal for me.

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    Pronghorn 400

    I wear a pair of Danner TFX boots everyday at work and they're great. The Pronghorn hunting boots are the same thing (minus the suede and nylon) and would be my top pick. If you want a heavier, slightly tougher boot I like my Danner Acadia, but the extra weight and the stiffness of the insole and outsole have put them in second place behind the Pronghorn.
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      Great Customer Service

      I like Danner Boots for their comfort and their customer service, but I have had terrible luck with them leaking. I went through three pair in three years before I went to something else. Their customer service, however, was great, and they were always good about backing up their product. If only they kept my feet dry.


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        I've used their boots for several years with good results. I really like their ultralight for summer use and the Canadians for the winter.

        I don't have any experience with their imported line, only the US made line.
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          I started wearing the pronghorn for work because I couldn't find a pair of good fitting work boots. They're really comfortable and a year later they're still in great shape. The only thing I don't like is even though there waterproof, your feet feel cold or wet when they get wet because there isn't any insulation, even though your feet are dry. I wear a different Danner model that has 400 grams of insulation that are about 170 dollars and they are great too. Don't know what there called off hand. I wore Cabelas outfitters boots for years and they were great but 200 grams of insulation wasn't enough in the cold and they jump up to 600 grams and might be too bulky for summer.


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            Anyone else out there?????

            Well I will look at the Pronghorns down at sportsmans. So there is a problem with leaking with the Danners?
            What do you guys mean by the Imported line compared to the USA line?
            Is there another brand of boot out there in my price range that might suit me better?


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              Powder Hound,

              If you'll be hunting PWS for deer and also hunting moose.......You may want to consider boots that will keep your feet dry. The La Crosse Big Chief Waders are ankle fit hippers with an air bob sole. I'm not sure if I would dare wearing boots like that in swampy/rainy conditions, which is basically Alaska in a nutshell. Those boots would probably do ok up in the mountains, but not the swampy stuff that all of Alaska would throw at you. Is there anyone out there who actually hunts here in Alaska (exluding mountain hunting....different boot for that) with boots that come only half way up the calf?? I know I wouldn't wear those, mayber in the lower 48, but not up here.


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                i have had poor luck with the full curl boot leaking but like someole else mentioned they keep replacing them. a buddy had the pronghorn and they leak. that is why i tried the full curl because they are all leather and i can sno-seal them but they still leak. very comfortable boot.


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                  I wear boots... alot... with my crushed foot i wear boots out fast.. my last pair of danners cost me 299.99.... they lasted 8 months. but again i wear them 18/7 they were great hunting. the gortex liner was the only issue i had as it pulled free from the inside when pulling my boots. dry fats, comfortable, good support on the tundra or hiking... i like Danners i can't afford the ones that work best for me..

                  100.00-150.00 boots last me 3-6 months at best... i literally shave he heal off them walking, but then i am a special case on my feet because of the accident i was in.

                  Danner= nice boots
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                    My Danner Canadians are incredible. Warm, 100% waterproof and extremely comfortable.


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                      Thanks! So Far....

                      Well for the deer hunting in PWS, I will be using chest waders and good wading boots. I am looking for a good boot for swampy terrain and I would like the comfort of a leather boot. Unfortunately I do not $400 right now for boots. I can pony up about $180 though. Is there anything out there worth the money that will keep my feet dry and not in pain the next morning?


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                        I new you'd come around powderhound,

                        So now that we're talking about sensible "Alaskan" footwear, some hunters go in different directions but the same concept is still there: Some guys use the Neo River Trekkers. They are overshoes of hip height. I totally applaud them and the hunters who use them. They are about a pound lighter than a pair of ankle fit hippers. With that said.......some of the most accomplished Alaskan hunters wear the La Crosse ankle fit hip wader hikers. La Crosse Big Chief Waders is the name that they go by. You could pracitcally do.......ALL hunting in Alaska with theses work horses. They are comfortable, provide unwaivering protection from the elements, provide excellent traction with the airbob sole, and the green rubber is the toughest, abrasion resistant material out there. Never a blister with mine......and I've hiked around a hundred pounds for miles! 600 grams of thinsulate ultra is a little on the light side.....but a good pair of felt soles, thick wool socks/marino wool sock liner, and your feet should stay warm enough in late september. A long boat ride may have your feet getting a little bit cold.....just get out and walk around a bit and get the blood flowing again.


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                          Thanks, but is there anyone else out there who has any good info on a leather waterproof boot?
                          Dont want to live in the rubbers!


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                            Danner boots

                            I would stay away from Danner. The company has changed. I bought a pair and they began to leak on the first hunt I used them on. I replaced them with a new pair only to have them leak walking thru wet grass. I told my dad about this after he bought a pair, so he put them on and leaked checked them with a hose. He said it was like he was wearing sandals.


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                              I have a pair of 400 gram Grandslam's that are on they're 5th year and still going strong. Love em.

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