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    Anyone have any reviews on the lowa criatallo x-pro mountaineering boots for sheep hunt. They seem to be a pretty good boot plus they have some good deals goin on right now.

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    Lowa Boots

    I just bought a pair of Lowa Tibets and another pair of Lowa Mtn Experts. I was planning on trying them both on and seeing which I liked better and returning the one I liked the least. I may end up keeping both of them because I got such a great deal and can't seem to make up my mind!

    Just looking at the description of the criatallo x-pro's they look like they are quite a bit stiffer and maybe a little taller? They also weigh about 9-10 oz more than the other boots mentioned above. If you like stiffer/heavier boots you may like the criatallo's but if not you may want to try Tibets or Mtn Experts. The Criatallo's would likely be great for a lot of technical steep stuff but if you are going to do a lot of long hikes you may want to reconsider and get one of the lighter weight and flexible versions?

    One thing for sure both of the Lowa's I got are very comfortable. The Tibets seem a little more flexible for hiking. The Mtn Experts have a thin layer of insulation that seem incredibly comfortable. The Tibets are almost entirely leather while the Mtn Experts have more synthetics on the uppers. Other than that they seem almost identicle. If I keep both of them it will be interesting to see how they match up in the field!

    Sorry I can't help out much with the Criatallo's but thought I might share a few thoughts about a couple other Lowas to get you started?


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      thanks for the help just bought the tibets yesterday.


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