Alcohol pack cook stove ?????



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  • Alcohol pack cook stove ?????

    I've never messed with alcohol stoves before but found one at a 2nd hand store & was thinking of giving it a try. It's an Optimus "Ontimus" model.
    Anyone know anything specific about this model?
    Are alcohol stoves in general pretty much a boiling only setup? How fast are they as far as heating?
    Thanks for the help.
    Vance in AK.

    Matthew 6:33
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    alcohol stoves

    I have no experience with that model stove ... mostly homemade and ultralight backpacking alcohol stoves ...

    But my experience ...

    work best at lower elevations
    work best in warmer temperatures
    work best with a good windscreen
    cook as fast, or slow, as the design of the jets on the stove allow ... I have different models that cook at different speeds.
    boiling water for dried meals/freezer bag cooking is the best approach for using alcohol stoves ...

    Hope this helps ... YMMV.


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      pepsi can stove

      my scouts have all made tons of these pepsi can stoves,and they work great, they weigh nothing, and cost a few pennies to make.
      I use Methanol in my stove, and it works great.
      I think Alcohol is a great way to cook if you like light weight and low tech low maintenance. You will do well with the Optimus Alcohol stove. they are proven and like I said , few parts and easy to maintain.
      if you have not made a Pepsi can stove before and want to impress your kids with a fun project you can make at the dinner table with household items, here is a link to one of the many sites with the Pepsi stove designs

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        Alcohol has 50% fewer BTU's than the equal measure of gasoline. That's enough difference to eliminate alcohol stoves from my list. Need more? The chances of refilling your fuel bottle away from home are much greater with gas than with alcohol, particularly with a multi-fuel stove. Car gas, airplane gas, two stroke gas, it all works.


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          alc stove

          Mr. Pid is right.

          I had a discussion based around a home made Alc stoves a while back... Sure the stove wieghed a fraction of an ounce... But our research and testing showed we'd end up carrying 3-4 times the wieght of Alcohol vs. white gas... So there was a net wieght gain no loss... what's the point...?
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            Thanks for the info guys.
            I wasn't sure it was the "right" stove for me, but finally had to break down & get it just for fun (I'm not throwing my Whisperlite out!), & at around $10.00 what can I loose.
            It comes very close to the Trangia 25 in appearance, & has all the same stuff save the kettle, just appears to be an older model. Put some "Heat" in it & fired it up n the kitchen sink this morning (while the wife was in the shower ) & put about 16 oz of cold tap water in it. Had a boil in under 3 min! I was impressed. I know that will change @ 40* outside but I like the 0 maintainance & total dependability feature.
            It'll be fun to play with!
            Vance in AK.

            Matthew 6:33
            "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."


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