Anyone have a field report on the AK Tent n Tarp's Arctic Oven?



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  • Anyone have a field report on the AK Tent n Tarp's Arctic Oven?

    I've been mean muggin alot of the Cabelas "outfitter and guide" crap. With that said......The Arctic Oven looks to be the perfect tent for every thing/every season in Alaska. How quick is the set up? Overall is it worth the money? The tent appears to fit every standard that I hold a tent to. I wanted to go for a cabin tent for Fishing/Hunting/Family Camping/Early exploring and scouting. The arctic oven appears to be a better setup than a cabin tent. I'm hoping there are some members that can give me some positive feedback regarding this tent because I'm seriously considering one of the larger ones.

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    I have the arctic oven 10X10. In fact I just used it for 3 days last week. Honestly if you are going to put a stove in it I would say no more than a family of 4 in it. It is also NOT LIGHT and very bulky. And as a summer/fall tent it is overkill and I use my cabelas guide model 6 man when weight isn't an issue like fourwheeling or boating. It is roomier and lighter. But it serves its purpose for me when I want to winter camp with snowmachines. I like to use a big buddy heater to take off the chill prior to going to bed and then throw it back on in the morning and don't get out of the bag until its room temp. With two people you can sleep on one side and cook breakfast/coffee in the morning on the over half.

    Here is a couple pic of it in action last week. (please ignore the AK tent and tarp model)

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      I also have the AO10. As Alaska Lanche mentioned, it's draw backs are weight and bulk. It's a great vehicle or boat based tent for fall and winter (been in one down to -50). It's a little too warm in the summer, even with the doors open. I think it's perfect for four people or two people with gear for a 7 to 10 day comfortable hunt. I love using it in October on caribou bow hunts off of the Haul Road.

      A friend and I took his AO on a goat hunt a couple years ago and woke up to find the tent tub under 6 inches of water, but there was no leakage to the inside. That impressed me, considering how much heavy gear we had piled inside the tent.

      I've set the tent up in about 20 minutes alone, but you can half that with two people. I've been in one during some pretty fierce winds and it held up fine, considering the tall flat sides.

      This tent is definitely worth the money if you want to camp in some seriously cold temperatures. If you don't plan to camp at below freezing temperatures, I think there are better options.
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        Best as a cold weather tent - see archives for much info and input.
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          I have the Arktika and love it. One bit of advice though, if your going to use it in warmer weather (rain not snow time of year) seal the seams. I took mine to moose camp last year and had a leak at the zipper. Dont bother with the vestible either, it has a flat top and when raining it just collects rain and makes life miserable. Once I figure out a fix for that one I will post it up. All in all, its the best tent I ever purchased. Oh, buy the scout stove if you need one, the AO stoves are junk IMHO.


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            I've had a 10x10 for many years, for trapline use. Stayed in it for weeks at a time and in cold snaps in the interior. A decent small stove is important. For the money, worth it IMO.


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              Originally posted by mainer_in_ak View Post
              I've been mean muggin alot of the Cabelas "outfitter and guide" crap. ...
              The Cabela's Alaskan Guide tent I have is one of the best man-made objects I own. It can open up three ways in the summer and can button down in the winter. It has extremely thick, strong, and waterproof material, especially on the fly. Mine has a 7'X10' vestibule to cook/eat and store stuff in. Mine came with a heavy floor liner. The tent has been through a fair amount of my abuse, and has not broken a single pole, clip, or leaked a drop in extended downpours, etc ... It has over forty guy lines, if you are preparing for a monsoon. Maybe I'm in the minority, and perhaps there are better tents, but I love mine.


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