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  • Cabelas Rain Suede

    Has anyone seen or used the Cabelas Rain Suede Evolution. Looking at it and would like some inputs, if able.


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    I bought a parka last year and spent three days in it hunting black bear in the rain. It would not dry out at all and weighed 50 pounds by the time I left. I wound up sending it back to cabelas.


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      Thanks for the info. That is all I needed to hear, I was thinking that same thing with it, but do not know anyone who has it and did not want to buy something that would not work for me. Again many thanks.



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        Fabric nap...

        I have had client hunters who bring cabelles rain suede....and I dislike it. In addition to becoming heavy...and in addition to not drying out completely...tha nap of the fabric loads up with water. Then my hunters hang their wet gear in the tent, and a two quart of water bleed out of the fabric nap and onto the tent floor during the night...creats a wet mess while I'm cooking breakfast.

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          Thanks for your info. Having a soaked interior tent would not be very good.

          Thanks Dan


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            Just another Cabelas gimmick as usual. Maybe they should put our state's name on that suede raingear too. They always think they are the cutting edge of Alaskan gear, and get the magazine folks to endorse the heck out of em too. I've learned my lesson after a thousand dollars worth of junk with the Cabelas name on it. Maybe Jeff King will endorse that gear along with his "Trans Alaska Denali moose slayer pack boots."


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              Cabelas does have A LOT of gimmick products yes. However, not EVERYTHING Cabelas sells is junk. I have quite a few products that for the money can not be beat. However, I did spending quite a bit of $$$ on some camo raingear 5 years ago and was less than impressed. But overall I would say that the stuff I have chosen to buy from them has worked out as good or better than I had expected.


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                Alaska Lanche,
                It's fortunate on your behalf that you've had good luck with most of your Cabelas gear. Many forum members to include myself haven't been so fortunate. One good thing about Cabelas that they have politely taken back returns without much of an issue. With my "slight resentment" towards some Cabelas gear aside, this forum is a darn good watchdog for warning other members of inferior gear.


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                  Exactly, I have saved money a lot of times by reading reviews on here. But to say cabelas only sells junk would be a gross over statement.

                  Cabelas Mindel boots, Guide model tents, Insulator Jackets are 3 items that easily come to mind that are quality products.

                  I guess I just haven't been bit as bad as other has by Cabelas products to just write them off. If you research prior to buying you generally get a good idea if it will work or not. I have also found that their reviews (especially by those that specifiy they live in Alaska) on their site GENERALY,but not always, accurate.


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