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Mystery Ranch Packs on the CHEAP!!!

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  • Mystery Ranch Packs on the CHEAP!!!

    Here is some smoking deals on the mystery ranch pack line up for those of you interested in getting a very high quality internal frame pack for your backpacking hunts.

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    Lanche, You should definately order up a Bohemoth! Then we can truly have the Dan vs Dana Kodiak goat showdown!! common it is only $300!! I know you want it They are practically giving them away at that price...


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      Yeah, it'll be a showdown if it turns out I like this thing. I'll try it out all summer and hopefully load it up with a sheep and a caribou to really test out how I feel about the pack prior to October on Kodiak. Oh yeah, now there is going to be 2 MR Behemoths on this trip also. Polarisblake and I both couldn't pass picking up a NICE 6500(retail $610 on the website) for only $299 for the military version of the pack. We'll see how they work. It probably won't be a fair shake for you and I to switch packs and try out which is a shame cause I'd really like to try out a McHale pack, but Polarisblake is getting the large waistbelt & yoke so you'll be set to swap out and really see which is best. I'll ride in the pack of each up the mountain while you guys test it out. My 160 lbs ought to be a very good test to see which pack is the better of the two, plus I get a free ride up the hill out of the deal.
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