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  • Barney's Pack Material...HELP!!

    I made it to the show for my one intended purchase, but I had a difficult time deciding what fabric to get. Pros and cons of both would be appreciated. The salesman was really pushing the 400 cordura(sp?) with Kevlar as opposed to the 1000 cordura. I went with the Hunter, but I have a day to tell them what material and give them a definite on the Hunter vs. Pinnacle.

    Obviously the 400 is a pound lighter and it appears like it would be more water resistant, but I question the durability. Didn't care for that black color, but could live with it. The other looked like it would soak up water and become heavier...

    Thoughts and opinions appreciated and I will search through the past threads.


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    I went for the black grid "kevlar" which I think is actually 1/4" dyneema grid but what do I know... The lighter weight was worth it to me and puts you in a great pack that can haul a ton and has a starting weight around 8lbs. The white thread in the grid will keep a tear from spreading which is not the case w/ most cordura. Either pack will need a pack cover for heavy rain. The good news is the giant pack cover sold by barneys is both camo and big enough to curl up in as an emergency shelter!

    I am not a huge fan of camo packs, I tend to drop it when I am stalking something then it is a pain in the butt to find! I don't want it to be a loud color but I don't want it to dissapear if I walk more than three feet from it. I was wearing a blue gregory pack when we spotted and stalked the last 2 blackbears and neither of them seemed to care that it wasn't camo.


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      You'll be happy. I got the pinnacle in Kevlar (black) last year and I love it. You'll probably end up getting a pack cover for it anyway (suggest the one they have there or something VERY big), so the water resistance thing and black color won't be super important.



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        My vote is for the Kevlar, it's tough and light.
        Marc Theiler


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          i got the hunter in kevlar, lighter, and very tough. it will stand up to anything you can throw at it.

          i don't use a pack cover. that fabric is pretty water resistant and dries pretty well. i just put stuff in waterproof sacks/bags (or garbage bags)


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            its actually cordura(sp?) with kevlar stitching, I picked up a hunter with the 400 cd with kevlar stitching at the show too.
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