Snowshoes for bear hunt?



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  • Snowshoes for bear hunt?

    I'm a newbie to Alaska. I'm planning a pack in DIY black bear hunt from the road system this spring north of Wasilla. I'm still working on the location of the hunt. The question is....will I need snowshoes for this hunt? I have NO frame of reference on this one (coming from Ohio), so your help is greatly appreciated. Also what brand and size? I'm 6 foot 205 lbs. I'm under the impression that the Atlas snowshoes are good. 10x36 seems to be reasonable for my size?


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    The bigger the better. I currently run some 9X30s (I'm 5'9 160 lbs), but am going to get some bigger ones 10X36s as well so my wife can then use mine. The 9X30s work for a lot of the time but the additonal surface area of some 10X36s wouldn't hurt my feelings at times. Especially with a pack on. Plus my wife ought to float better than I on the 9X30s as she is currently using 8X25s. Anyways yeah the bigger the better.


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      Just went through this

      I bought MSR Denali Ascents from Barneys. Yesterday was out near Turnagian and the 22" was fine! Had the 8" tails on but was not needed. Spring snow is getting denser and harder. I am totally happy with my purchase!

      Peter Glen has a major sale. On saturday he had two pairs of atlas 10x36" shoes in there. 50%!!! Better hurry. Would be just over $100, was $200+ originally.

      All gear there is about 50% off! Snowboards, skiis, boots, bindings and clothing. All the good boards, split boards were gone, sale is about 4 weeks old!


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        The size of snowshoes required depends more on the type of snow than the weight of the person in my opinion. I use my MSR Denali EVO Ascents almost exclusively. However if the snow is light and fluffy, ie dry snow you will need larger snowshoes. If the snow is consilidated or wet snow a smaller snowshoe will suffice. If I were to buy one pair of snowshoes for all conditions I would choose the 30" MSR Lightning Ascents. They are light, have more traction than any other snowshoe, and the televator device is a lifesaver if you have to do any serious climbing.

        Here is a link to our snowshoe reviews on I have a test report on the Lightnings and the Kahtoola Integrated system.

        Jason B


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          Thanks for the heads up. I went there today and pulled the trigger. I bought a pair of Atlas 12x35s at 50% off. I'm heading out tomorrow for my inagural snowshoe run! Wish me luck!


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