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    Anyone tried these before? I have a pair of Weatherpants (very lightweight nylon pants) I bought many years ago when I used to do adventure races. Not sure if anyone has tried any of their recent clothes (mainly pants)?


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    I'm in a similar boat as you; I'm shopping around. I was looking long and hard at Railrider's website for a while, then settled on buying from here instead because they're lighter: http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-...ems/index.html

    I think a good combination would be Railrider's pants and Backpacking Light's shirt. So far I have the shirt. I haven't had a chance to see how it fares in wind or hard sunlight, but I'm pleased with it. The feel of the material takes some getting used to, but it looks decent.

    I like that Railrider's pants have belt loops. I'm torn between that brand and Ex Officio; I live in Seattle and can try on the latter, but not the former.
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      i really like the RR long sleeve shirts, light and tough and bug-proof. i have a few pair of the pants, and have had no major issues with them. the pockets are not deep enough, and the lower leg pocket is in a dumb place, but the material dries fast and the quality is fine... look around and you can find similar stuff for less money...
      cabelas "guidewear" is pretty analogous, but it it is cut weird and if you carry much in the pockets it rides uncomfortably. the shirts make a skinny guy look like he has manboobs... not a flattering style :rolleyes:
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        I'm a Huge fan of the MEC Rad pants. Cheap and well made (in Canada). You can do the splits and not blow the crotch. Check them out.



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