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Need more input on Barney's Pack before the show...

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  • Need more input on Barney's Pack before the show...

    A Barney's pack is the other big-ticket item on my list this year and with all the research I've done, you'd think I'd have it figured out by now!


    Price of the frame and suspension minus the pack? (I've read $170, but that sounds low and I haven't been able to get on the website, anyone else?)

    Are the packs worth the money? Been thinking of getting a Cabela's Pack or sewing my own instead of shelling out the coin for a Barney's, but not sure.

    Should I get the largest pack available? I've read at least 50 posts saying that they wish they had a/the bigger pack... I'm not a real big guy and my theory is that the smaller the pack I have the more my partner gets to carry But then there are those times when the space is just easier to make it all happen...

    Anything else I should be worried about? Considering? Thinking or asking about?


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    i have the freighter frame and hunter bag. i am not sure of the individual prices. the hunter is 6800 cu in. the pinnacle is 7800? the pinnacle is all top loading, while the hunter has a bottom compartment zipper, which is a reason i got it, as i'm not a fan of complete top loading.

    i got mine in the kevlar

    i like mine so far. just under a year with it though.


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      I am in the same boat. I have decided to go with the Bob pack. Its the smallest of the packs and is plenty big enough (for me anyway). I'm a shorter guy so it also makes sense to get the pack that fits me best. I cant imagine having the Pinnacle bag and not having enough room.

      I was in the store the other day and the Bob pack and frame was around $500 and they told me there will be a 10% discount at the show. The Kevlar pack is pretty nice and from the reviews, observation, and experience I believe that it would be hard to beat a Barneys pack. Good luck.


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        how big is the Bob pack? there is a Bob frame as well?


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          $170.00 is low. $500.00 for the package and it's worth every penny


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            I think that the bob is 6200cu". I also believe that the frame is different because it doesn't have the shelf.
            Here is a older post that explains the packs

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              The Hunter pack is $539 right now, but will be 10% off at the show making it $485. After the show, the entire price is going up 7%. I just bought the Hunter in Kevlar, but am still waiting for it to come in. Apparently they ran out of fabric. Can't wait to get it and pack my sheep out in it this August!


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                pack size

                I got the pinnacle last year. I'm tall, but not a strapping guy by any means(6'1", 165 lbs). I did two hunts with it last year. In both cases I had it "full" and was still able to carry it. I figure you don't have to fill up the pack if you don't want to.

                I would think the frame alone will be about $279, but I can't remember. I paid $500 ish for mine last year just before the show (with the discount).

                If you are willing to have lower quality, you may be satisfied with some sort of homemade job on the pack. You could also find a large duffel bag, cabelas or some other brand of pack, or something else. The frame is very nice. I know it is heavier than other models, but it is very comfortable with a heavy load. It is very strong and can handle anything that you can.

                I for one like the pack. There are a few things that I want to modify on mine this summer (with my wife's help on the sewing machine). Mostly just little improvements for things like adding a hydration system.

                If I were in your shoes, I would get the frame and pack. Pinnacle in kevlar.



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                  Worth every penny

                  Worth every penny. I would recommend the Pinnacle in Kevlar.

                  You won't be disappointed.
                  Marc Theiler


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                    bigger is better

                    I would advise you to purchase the biggest Barneys pack you can get.
                    If you are doing backpack sheep hunts you will need the space.
                    Bigger really is better.
                    The waist belt and shoulder harnes is absolutely great for heavy loads.
                    If you are going to carry moose hind quarters for your friends, you will need the capacity.
                    If you carry large brown bear pelts you will need the volumne.
                    If you become a guide and your client-hunter kills a mountain goat, you will need the pack fabric toughness.
                    See, very often when hunting goat country the steep slopes get wet and decending becomes really dangerous. We often end up dragging the overloaded packs down the wet grassey and rocky slopes. Other, normal, packs get sliced up my the rocks that are hidden in the grass. But the pack fabric used in Barneys packs does not get all cut up. Honestly, I have saw "other, normal" packs that became so sliced open that the content would not and could not stay inside the pack. My barneys pack will survive where other packs will not.
                    And Bobs post-purchase customer service can not be beat.
                    And the pack fabric scrubs up good after becoming funky at the end of the season (...funky smelling from all the dead stuff).
                    You will only need one big Barneys backpack, so just spend the money knowing you have done the right thing.
                    Really, really.

                    Alaska True Adventure Guide Service
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                    …miles and miles of mountains…wide expanses of tundra...remote wild waters…
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                      Okay, so bigger is better...

                      I get it. By the looks of those pictures, I could jump inside and have my partner carry me up the mountain...thanks Brian!

                      So what are the chances of installing a zipper in the bottom of the Pinnacle pack? I really like the option in my Dana. Why haven't they done that yet? Is there a good reason?

                      I take it there is no shelf on the BOB?

                      Thanks for the input.


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                        correct, i don't believe there is a shelf on the bob frame. if you like the zipper option, the hunter works great, 6800 cu in is pretty big.


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                          Originally posted by AlaskaTrueAdventure View Post
                          I would advise you to purchase the biggest Barneys pack you can get.

                          Ahh, now you guys have me wondering what I should do, I'm only 5'6 but "stocky". When I was in the store they made it sound like the Bob pack would be my best option. Do you guys think the Bob is even worth getting if I cant fit into the hunter??

                          Man I knew I was short but this is downright depressing!! :mad:


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                            Originally posted by hre814 View Post
                            correct, i don't believe there is a shelf on the bob frame. if you like the zipper option, the hunter works great, 6800 cu in is pretty big.
                            There is a shelf. The good thing about this pack is it will haul everything that you can put in it. Just don't give yourself a hernia on the first load or tear your achilles tendon like some of us do!


                            Matt M


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                              I am only 5'6 also. I have the Kifaru lounghunter guide pack 7200 cu. in. but my buddy has a Barney's Pinnacle pack. We have traded packs for comparison on comfort. I will not get into which pack you should buy because it is highly debated on this forum. We have both owned several packs in the past but now we both love our packs for comfort.

                              The short story, in both of our opinions when we traded is we did not like the other guys packs. The conclusion we came to was the muscles in our bodies were trained to how our packs distributed the loads. We do a lot of preseason training and the Kifaru places the load in the center of your back riding on your butt while the Barney's places the load on the outside of both hips. However, I could tell that the Barney's was an excellent pack if it was the one that I had owned.

                              To answer your question you will be able to handle the Hunter or the Pinnacle with the proper pre-season training. I looked at buying a Barney's Packs like you. However, I found a used Kifaru pack at a real good deal and that I could not pass up. I debated the same thing you are doing now. I came to the conclusion both Barney's packs would do what I wanted them to do.

                              It is really users preference (i.e. side pouches, bottom storage area). I felt both Barney's packs would carry more weight than I really wanted to carry. If you want to use the pack as a freighter frame then buy the Hunter. Because you can take the bag off and use the frame and table to tie down super heavy loads. However, the Pinnacle bag is big enough to put in most big game quarters except a moose.

                              In looking at both packs the Hunters bag does not ride down as low as the Pinnacle this distributes heavy loads as stated above differently. The Hunter can be loaded as is, however, my buddy always puts a little filler material on the bottom prior to putting in heavy loads to bring the weight up a little higher. He thinks this makes it ride a little more comfortably.

                              If I was going to buy one it would be the Pinnacle only because if I killed something and only want to make one trip out I wanted the extra space. It is a pain that it has one large bag but you will just have to pack the stuff you do not use on a routine basis on the bottom. I usually put my sleeping bag down their so the bottom pouch on the Hunter did not matter to me.

                              I hope this helps and to be honest when you put in real heavy loads no pack is comfortable or fun to carry. It just plain hurts and we all say we are never going to do that again. However, the year goes by and our bodies forget the pain and it is a fond memory we tell our buddies about for years to come. Then before you know it we are back in the mountains. As a lot of us know there is no words that can describe the beauty of being on top of a mountain with the wind in your hair.


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