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  • Buck 620 knife???

    I recently became the owner of a Buck 620 fixed blade hunting knife. Blade length 7 1/4", straight hunter style with blood groove, rubber grip. It didn't have a sheath, and that's where my perplexity began.

    After looking at a fair number of pages on the web, I can't find any mention of this model. Even tried S&W's website thinking maybe they did a revolver/knife combo with the 620 (7 shots, 7" blade)...that was a reach.

    So do any of my fellow sportsmen have any info for me on this bit of a mystery???

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    howdy; it sounds like a buck general (120).......which was the larger size of the buck special (119).

    check that one out online, it may be the one!
    happy trails.


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      I don't know why I didn't see that model. Mine has an all rubber grip, almost Pachmayr style. Why it has the 620 on the blade is still a mystery.


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        Helloo Akaviator.......I came across your comment. I also have a Buck 620 with a black rubber grip , I have a sheath but it's not a buck sheath. My knife is in brand new condition but I can't find out much about it , as a matter of fact I was just glad to hear that someone else actually owned one. I will let you know if I find out anything about.....keep me in mind if you catch up with any info if you would.

        N. DeMaio


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