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Similar camo pattern to sitka mountain mimicry?

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  • Similar camo pattern to sitka mountain mimicry?

    Anyone found clothing to match the sitka mountain mimicry colors/pattern?
    I saw on some forum, a guy had a mask or something that looked like it matched the sitka very close.

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    haven't seen anything. if you really like that pattern, i'd buy some stuff up now. they are coming out with a new pattern (optifade i think). i am unsure whether they plan on continuing mountain mimicry garments.


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      a guy....hmmmm...wonder who that was..<grin> The Sitka gear pattern is made by Mothwing and from my understanding is proprietary to Sitka. I hope that if Sitka cuts it out of their line then Mothwing would be released to sell it too other manufacturers. If not Mothwing Canyon mimicry uses many of the colors and is the pattern of the mask in question. It has the same base color scheme as Sitka but adds a moab style peach/red hue.


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        sitka gear Camo

        Yes, Sitkagear will still offer Mtn. Mim camo on some of their new 2009 clothes line. They will also be introducing the new optifade pattern. Pretty neat stuff.

        You can view some of their new products @



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          good memory, just short

          don't you just love surfin the net for something, happen to see something interesting, but not what your after at that time, and then try for days to find later, but can't
          Thanks Lujon


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