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    Just curious if anyone has used the ID event gear. Specifically the through hiker jacket and event rain pant. I have not been impressed w/ the most of the breathable gear out there but event fabric keeps getting great reviews. I am curious how loud the fabric is, if it is durable, and of course if it is truly water proof.
    $500 is a bunch to spend on rain gear!

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    eVent is really fantastic. The fabric is absolutely waterproof, garment will be if it has welded seams, or seam tape. The US Army tested it at more then, twice the breathability of ANY of the Gore fabrics. Westcomb, a small Canadian company does it, Barneys in Anchorage carries it, super nice stuff. REI too. You do have to wash is pretty often, per the care instructions, otherwise body oils will plug up the membrain. This IS the next generation of rain gear.



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      Originally posted by LuJon View Post
      $500 is a bunch to spend on rain gear!
      What's wrong, that McHale pack cleared out the bank?

      eVent is great stuff. look up tests with the material to see how well it works compared to gortex. as the previous poster said, gortex has a layer on the inside that protects it from dirt/oils, etc. it is that layer that makes it a lot less breathable. event is waterproof but i have read that the material feels a little draftier secondary to the ability to breath a lot better.


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        is it quiet?

        Is it quiet enough to bowhunt in....for Griz or Elk or Sheep?


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          i don't imagine it is. i haven't seen the ID jacket in person. most of these are typical hardshells that aren't that quiet. i don't bowhunt, so not sure what is tolerable, probably not much.


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            The best "breathable" fabrics are micropore laminates (several layers of polyfluorotetraethylene (PTFE) and GoreTex is one version, specifically called expanded PTFE, (ePTFE). eVent if PTFE. Here's a good table giving you the fabric composition for eVent by Integral Designs:

            I agree with crosshairs though, some PTFE fabrics (Simms waders for instance) perform better or much better than others. Maybe ID's eVEnt is one of those and worth a try.

            Trying to educate myself; understand strengths/shortcomings of different raingear materials - but it gets complicated. This article mentions some of the problems we encounter when trying to figure it all out: Gear that truly performs above the others I bet will be expensive. In the end, the advice of small shop owners like Bob Hodson probably weighs as much or more. I guess a little knowledge plus good advice is usually how we decide.

            The Westcomb stuff at Barney's is high dollar - but it looks bombproof. It's a stretch waterproof as I recall -- I thought it was made of Schoeller cloth. Maybe not.
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              Here is some more info on eVent vs Goretex


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                There it is...

                Lujon, if I'm reading the data in your eVent vs Gore Tex link correctly, it supports the breathability of eVent-easily outperforming the herd of other fabrics. Looks like a tight pack of leaders: #1: ePTFE, then #2: eVent and Schoeller DrySkin Extreme neck and neck, before #3: Entrant DT10K. eVent and Schoeller DrySkin Extreme are very competitive technologies for breathable raingear. This is a great link!

                My question: I think not all GoreTex is the same. I'd read that ePTFE was the designation for the latest formulation of GoreTex. And ePTFE has considerable potential to continue to improve - [PDF] PTFE is an Amazing Polymer … Gore PTFE Fiber
                But that's according to W.L. Gore and assoc. It would be helpful to find an independent source. Wonder who's making gear with ePTFE?

                The Westcomb link posted by Crosshairs explains how they use several of these fabrics (eVent, Schoeller, PolarDry) in the spendy (but probably very effective) garments we see on the racks. They do seem very well constructed and gear's gotta be pretty good to get floor space at Barney's. After reading the details on the Westcomb site, you might believe what Crosshairs said, that "This IS the next generation of rain gear". But like AkTroutbum said (another thread) though, "ya gotta pay to play". Whew.

                The other link ( lists Integral Designs and Montane (along with Westcomb mentioned by crosshairs) to utilize eVent. The Entrant DT10K material is used by Isis.

                Good thread! Thanks.
                1. Gonna have to watch for eVent and Montane gear too.
                2. Wonder who's making raingear with ePTFE?
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                  from what I can tell ePTFE is used in event, aparently it has been historically used by other manufacturers w/ a polyurethane bonded to the inside to keep your body oils from seeping into the material and causing it to be less water resistant. eVENT is essentially ePTFE but it uses a different meathod to repel your body oils.
                  More here:


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                    Another good post/information

                    Great link - explains eVent's effectiveness, and shortcomings of PTFE-PU raingear too.

                    The different brand names for raingear fabrics was confusing and made it tough to compare products for my needs. Even comparing others' opinions was tough. The information in this thread, helps identify the handful of basic fabrics/coatings used in each company's rain gear, and the data needed to pick and choose based on your needs (breathability vs waterproof vs cost).

                    It looks like the best fabrics might perform well enough to keep you dry even when active during constant or heavy rain, but they're expensive. But if you look at these tables, there's other gear that seems to work fine without spending $400 or more per garment.

                    A lot of good information in this thread. Thanks.
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                      We have reviewed ID's event stuff on and we have also tested eVent gear from Rab (I was one of the testers). I love eVent, it is the best raingear that i have ever tested, and my Rab Drillium is pretty quite and breathes very well. Another cheaper option is the REI Shuksan. It is an eVent jacket made for the masses.. I have heard good things, but haven not used one.

                      Jason B


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                        Originally posted by coasty View Post
                        We have reviewed ID's event stuff on and we have also tested eVent gear from Rab (I was one of the testers). I love eVent, it is the best raingear that i have ever tested, and my Rab Drillium is pretty quite and breathes very well. Another cheaper option is the REI Shuksan. It is an eVent jacket made for the masses.. I have heard good things, but haven not used one.

                        Jason B
                        First of Thanks Jason for this insight !!

                        I finally got some time and a decent internet connection put together to do some more research. Well I went to the eVent website and started hitting up the different manufacturers sites that they linked too. I would love to say that I reviewed every manufacturer on their own individual merits but that is not entirely true. I produced a simple filtering method that eliminated almost all of the field. I simply checked each site quickly to see if they had a jacket that would fit me! As a 6'5" backpack hunter I am aparently in the minority! For you average sized folks you can go ahead and do some further research if you like! I will however post up my initial thought on each of the "contenders" in the next post


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                          wet weather gear featuring Event technology

                          TADgear: (
                          This gear looks very interesting. It is a tactical company with a mountaineering twist. Very neat looking gear and great color choices compared to most standard mountaineering products. Downfall is no event pants and pretty pricy the Raptor Prolite jacket is $350

                          Integral Designs: (
                          Reputable company decent color for hunting and wildlife photography applications. It looks like the best deal for most AK applications is $260 for the “Through Hiker”. They have a $190 “cruiser Jacket” for a hood-less pullover which would probably work well w/ an event boonie hat from REI for fishing in the rain (I hate fishing w/ a hood on!). This $190 jacket is the cheapest thing I have found w/ event fabric (except the $45 REI hat). I.D. offers one other jacket that falls between these two call conveniently “eVent rain jacket” which is 20 bucks cheaper than the Through hiker but testers have been complaining that it is too short (2-3” shorter than the others). They do offer black eVent pants @ $250
                          Downfall for us tall folks is that they don’t offer a 2XL, well they technically do but it is a 20% surcharge as a special order item. This takes the Through hiker from 260 to $312 (300 for the pants)! Cheaper than the TAD gear but it still SUX!

                          Wildthings: (
                          I am not familiar w/ this company but they have one big thing going for them in my view and that is they are an American company that actually produces their gear in the United States. From a hunting standpoint they seem to produce the typical BRIGHT colors mountaineering manufacturers love. They do offer black which is probably the direction I would go. The good news is they are the value leader for us XXL folks @ $275 for their “Superlight Alpinist Jacket” which has 37” sleeves! They also offer a set of matching pants which are available in grey or black.

                          RAB: (
                          UK company with some pretty good looking gear. Their “Momentum Jacket looks excellent and their size chart actually looks like the gear is designed for real humans though without actually trying it on the true fit is just a guess. I am still researching the actual cost on these jackets. Perhaps Coasty can provide some input on this since he has tested their gear.

                          66* North: (
                          Great looking gear from Ice Land but they are EXTREMELY proud of it. Their Event Glymur jacket retails for just under (BARELY UNDER) $500, Their matching pants fetch an additional 4 hundred to complete the outfit. They make the list mostly because they offer my size


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                            I was looking at the Wildthings website and noted that they offer some military products. This prompted me to send them a letter to find out if they were going to be producing any of their eVent gear in the military colors. I will post up any response they send me!


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                              I got a response back from wildthings gear and they do have some miitary colors in the event gear but they don't have enough to do civilian orders at this time. They were able to do a set up custom in gray for me though which is not listed on their website. They list sizes on their website but after talking with them they will do custom sizes if you need something larger.

                              So far they are top notch for customer service. I have XXL pants and jacket on their way.


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