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  • REI Expert Advice: Rainwear

    Best explanation I've founds for waterproof outerwear fabrics; strengths and limitations of each:
    No habitat, no hunter.

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    Renewing DWR waterproofing...

    This part was interesting:

    "Launder with a DWR-renewing treatment: There are many specialty products available that will restore the effectiveness of the DWR finish in your washing machine. Follow the instructions given with the product when laundering. "

    And from the Simms site (
    Wader Care & Maintenance

    Waders should be washed by hand, in a bathtub, in cold water using a powder detergent. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry, including the feet. Packaging or storing your waders wet may result in mildew and tape peeling. Simms Waders should not be dry-cleaned or put in the dryer. A water repellent treatment, such as Revivex®, will rejuvenate the water-resistant finish on your waders.
    Applying Water Repellent Treatment
    After the waders are washed and thoroughly rinsed, saturate the outside of the waders with Revivex® or other water repellent treatment. Allow product to drip-dry. "Set" the treatment with heat using a blow dryer or iron (low setting), avoiding the stockingfoot attachment area.

    I talked to the Simms rep one day at McAfee's. He wasn't so keen on the Revivex, but did think that washing helped; dirt apparently breaks down the DWR.
    No habitat, no hunter.


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