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Sitka Ascent pants on sale...

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  • Sitka Ascent pants on sale...

    Thought yall might want/need this!

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    Great company to work with, they had a bunch of problems getting me my 2007 90% jacket (in 2008). The issues were w/ sitka not MT Archery. Mt archery even offered to just ship me the 08 90% jacket if I wanted it for no additional charge. I would have gotten it for under $150 which was unheard of at the time. I am still not pleased w/ sitka but I do like Mt Archery.


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      also on sale here, just bought a pair of Mediums. free shipping

      if you own these pants and like them, you may want to think about getting another pair. while the optifade pattern that is new in 2009 is nice, the pants are slightly thicker than the current ones, which i didn't like.


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        they dont have larges! haha. i have a pair of mediums already and are a wee bit tight, so i got a pair of larges now too. lol... now i gotta figure out which are my favorite between the champs, haglofs, and the ascents. what a dilema!


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          did you get the haglofs yet? if so, pics please!

          i have not worn the champs but in a store, but with the two materials, i really like the ascent pants. they are softer and dry really quick. i have worn material like the champs, and i think the ascent material dries quicker.


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            not yet i havent. ill be sure to post up on them as soon as i get them. they should be to IN this week, then here to me in Korea then next or so. ill give a full preliminary report on them. i absolutely LOVE the ascents.


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              I may have to buy a set of ascents and take them straight in and get the crotch reinforced. I really do like the material and the camo. It just frustrates me that they charge so much for a pant that has seam failures. For that money the pants should last years!

              What kind of button do the ascent pants have? is it the silly button threaded on a piece of ribbon like the mountain pants were?


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                thats my exact plan for these. straight to the sewing shop for a lil mod to the crotch. i cant recall what the button is like, im pretty sure its solid. someone else can chime in on this. i dont have mine handy or id look for ya quick.


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                  are you just going to add stitching to the crotch area from front to back? will take a look at the button when i get a chance.

                  also, i got some snap buttons added two to each thigh pocket and one to the rear pocket. it was really bothering me not having any closure mechanism on the pockets (except for that tiny zippered thigh pocket). now i can actually put a map or something in my thigh pocket and not have to worry about it falling out.


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                    yeah, ill more than likely just have them double stitch the crotch area a time or two. im pondering on having them double stitch the whole pant. i wish i could find that material in bulk and get it here in korea and have a pair custom made and fit to me. although im not sure how much different id make the fit. id prolly beef up the knees and butt.

                    ive always threatend with adding buttons and the such to my others. im getting my 90%'s, ascents, champ, and haglofs sent here so i can "tinker" with them. These Korean suit shops do pretty good work for cheap. eh, something to occupy my time anyhow lol....


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                      the front button is on that "ribbon". easily remedied by putting a stitch through the button into the pant. you shouldn't have to do that on a $100+ pair of pants though.

                      i would like to see them add some lightweight cordura to the seat, maybe knees, but the butt area would be great. i am not sewing machine savvy, so i have no idea how to do that.

                      i ordered a mountain mimicry pair last night, and i already have a dune colored pair. should last me for a bit.


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                        i think i might give that a try. i just gotta find some cordura that will match the mtn mimicry and not be too stiff/difficult/moisture holding! it could turn out horrible, but then again it could be awesome. hmmm. must ponder this some more.


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