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  • Sheep hunt tent comparison......HELP!

    I've been searching for a good lightweight tent for sheep hunting this year(my first one) I'll be hunting the last 5 days of September in the Chugach. Preferebly a two man tent. Looking to keep a budget of around 200$. I've found the North face Tadpole 23, looks good and sturdy. As well as a good, low profile for the wind.

    My second choice was the Big Agnes Sl2 seedless tent which is about a hundred dollars more......

    Or the heavier version and just get the seedless 2 man tent. I won't be hunting for long so my pack will be lighter to start with.

    Any help is greatly appreciated or past knowledge on any of these. I am also open to other views on different tents. The most I would like to spend is 275$, Rei is having a killer 20% deal right now till the end of March and I need to pick up a barneys pack for my frame that I got for xmas so funds will be going fast at the sportsmans show
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    last 5 days of September in the Chugach
    That complicates your search. It is hard to say what weather conditions you will encounter in the tail end of September. Additional questions worthy of thought are: Will this tent be your only source of shelter (i.e., will you also be carrying a tarp or bivy sack)? Are you going solo?

    I have a BS Seedhouse SL3. Though it is a few ounces heavier than the SL2, I wanted the extra space (so it is an actual 2-man tent) and extra pole for stoutness. The tent is great and well made, though it is a three season tent if there ever was one. That's lower-48 three-season, not Alaska. Do not expect to get much for warmth from the all mesh inner and ultralight outer. I have had my tent in winds upwards of 35kts, but have not had it out in the worst Alaska has to offer. So if you want a multi-purpose, three-season tent that you can make work for a late season hunt the BS SL lines may be a good option.

    If you think you will be doing more late-season and/or trecherous environment hunting (I am thinking like Kodiak, AK Pen, etc.), you may want to consider a 3+ (aka convertable) or 4-season tent.

    I have no experience with the Tadpole 23, though I have slept several nights in older TNF tents without complaints (other than they were a bit heavy for the size).



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      Ya I figured the weather was going to be iffy, due to a moose hunt on the Koyukuk this leaves me the last 5 days to hunt the 14c area. This tent will be solely for sheep/ backpack hunting, We have an arctic oven tent for winter weather. As for warmth thats not to much a of an issue, I have a great -20 llbean synthetic bag that always keeps me warm. This will be my one and only tent, I plan to use pack it up everyday and set spike camp as I go and try to cover as much ground as possible due to the short time I have to hunt, I'm also going with my girlfriend which helps since she is only 5'5 and im only 5'11. They all look decent, I just need one to protect against wind and rain.

      P.S. I did plan on carrying a tarp to help shed some wind/snow/rain if needed. The weather will be my hinder on this trip, hoping it cooperates with me so I can find a good ram, I live a little up above walmart and i'm already seeing 3/4 curls on the hill teasing me..

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        lots of choices out there the tadpole is a good tent. i would go with a 3 season free standing tent. don't get a 4 season one unless you plan on using it in the winter. i know the end of september can be winter, but i would still go with a 3 season. more versatility for other uses instead of just this hunt. combat the higher ventilation of a 3 season tent (vs a 4) with a sleeping bag that will take you to 15 or so and good sleeping clothes.

        tadpole is good. look at msr hubba hubba hp. mountain hardwear makes good 3 season 2 person tents. marmot as well.
        good luck!


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          Not sure if they are any good, but there is an ad on Craigslist for some used tents from the university. They are mountain hardware and about $250 each. Originally over $600.

          I posted it in the gear section.


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            Tadpole, last five days in Sept in the Chugach - make sure you pay careful attention to your camp site location - not the best choice but will prob work - excellent chance for snow at elevation. Good Luck
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              Both good tents, I am taller so I like the seedhouse tents so i can sit up. I also think the seedhouse has more vestibule space for boots etc. I think the tadpole offers some more weather resistance if I remember right it has more of a real inner tent. since ya'll are not as big as me you will probably be better suited w/ the tadpole. There decision made! Get the tadpole.


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                I think that the Seedhouse vestibules are pretty limited in my experience. And according to the specs the SL2 is only offers 8 sq ft of vestibule and 28 sq ft of tent space.

                Where as the tadpole offers a very slightly larger vestibule at 9.1 sq ft and a slightly smaller floor space of only 26 sq ft. Which for two people is pretty tight. However at a much cheaper price.

                I just saw this tent at REI yesterday and initally thought, aww is a little nallo GT. A little more space tent wise at 31 sq ft. Also a MUCH larger vestibule and the price isn't all that bad either. I think it would be much nicer to weight out a late September storm in this North Face Big Fat Frog then in the two tents I previously mentioned. It is basically the North Face tadpole with a larger vestibule and a 5 sq ft larger tent too. Of course you aren't dropping any weight in your pack cause at 6 lbs this isn't an ultra light tent, but if split between two people it is very manageable.

                Good luck


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                  FYI - you might want to check this out - scroll down to "Chugach Sheep Hunt" for this hunters experience for a Sept Chugach sheep hunt!

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                    Every guy has his own way of looking at this Sheep Hunting tent deal. Personally, I want/had and have an expedition quality 4 season tent. Even in August, winter storm type weather can roll in on you. Heck, I've seen 4 inches of wet heavy snow on July 4th at Paxson Lodge! My current tent weighs about 8lbs which I see as only 4 lbs per guy but can handle high wind and heavy snow load. It's worth it TO ME to spend the money and carry an extra pound or so for this type of tent. I suggest at least double your tent budget and buy as strong of a 4 season tent as you are willing to carry weight wise. Many good ones on the market and lots of threads here about most of them. Shop around and you can find a good deal. Maybe even a like new used one. It's one way to stretch your budget.

                    I have a friend who was literally blown down the mountain in an August "winter" snow blizzard in the Wrangels that set in for a few days. He spent a couple days rolled up in it like a burrito until the weather broke and the chopper could come in and get him. Yup, he flipped on his EPIRB. He was in a 3 season North Face BullFrog with busted, busted, did I say busted? aluminum poles. The Bullfrog is the old Tadpole. It could not handle the snow and wind. This guys is a Fairbanksan born and raised who is an avid outdoorsman with lots of "expedition" type of hunts under his belt. He knows how, and where to set up a tent in the mountains.

                    Yup, I'll spend the extra money and haul an extra pound. I suggest you do the same.

                    My .02
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