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  • Sitka 90%

    I have seen a bunch of great reviews about the Sitka 90% gear and was wondering if there are any similar pants available in camo at an affordable price? Anyone know of any Sitka specials that may be going on in size large?

    I've done a search on this and have noticed several guys really like the Cabelas polartec pants (only available in non camo) and also Cabelas microtech. What are your thoughts for a tough, camo, waterproof/breathable pant that could be used for sheep hunting?

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    There are good deals at this site...

    It is only in certain sizes and colors, so make sure you read the whole add. I got a heck of a deal on a Celsius jacket...


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      I honestly thing you will be unhappy with the 90% pants. They are just too heavy/hot for sheep hunting.

      Honestly I would give up on the Camo and save money there the sheep won't care. I also have not ever seen a piece of gear live up to the waterproof/beathable claim. I have seen waterproof and I have seen breathable just never in the same product. There is some evidence that the event fabric is pulling it off, but if you add a requirement for quiet, then that fails too. There are some good water resistant pants that are breathable. In my experience water resistant, quick drying and breathable are three properties that are achievable in one garment. I also like one that is both tough and has at least a 2 way stretch, 4 way is better and eliminates binding as you climb over obstacles

      I had poor luck w/ sitka but others love it. My next pants will be european probably Mammut Champ or Haglofs rugged mountain pants depending on what additional reviews I find.


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        I have heard that camo doesn't matter as much for dall sheep but I spend 95% of my time hunting elk and other game in fairly open terrain where there is a benefit to wearing camo.

        I've been considering buying a fairly cheap set of totally waterproof tops and bottoms that I can put on if there is a downpour....and concentrating my $ on buying fairly high quality, camo, breathable, semi-waterproof gear (Sitka 90's or similar) that dries relatively fast and should withstand the test of time. Does this sound reasonable?

        I usually layer and for the most part don't wear totally waterproof gear that often. In a drizzle my preference is to wear quiet, breathable items that potentially will dry fairly quickly. Alaska seems a little different since there may be downpours or drizzle for many days and when gear gradually gets saturated and wet it may never have a chance to dry? Thanks for any comments!


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          whatever you go with, assuming you have a rain layer, go with water resistant and breathable, not waterproof. any kind of laminate in there, whether waterproof or windproof, will breath a whole lot less. the only semi-breathable waterproof layer should be your rain gear. your pants should be able to shed some very light rain/drizzle, but if exposed to even that for a while, will get wet. i've looked at the 90% pants and if they get totally soaked, i find it hard to believe that they dry pretty fast b/c of how thick they are. thick softshell type material doesn't belong in a wet environment, it was originally designed for winter/snow, where conditions are drier. i use thinner nylon pants (and if needed, thin long underwear underneath) and a rain layer when needed for rain, cold, wind. i like my sitka ascent pants a lot, but there are plenty of options out there.


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            Originally posted by LuJon View Post
            I honestly thing you will be unhappy with the 90% pants. They are just too heavy/hot for sheep hunting.
            I'm more than happy with mine...Best gear I've ever worn. Top-notch warranty, too.


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              Try this site...

              No habitat, no hunter.


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