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  • Hiking boots?

    Whats yalls favorite and why? im looking to get a new pair for everyday activities and generally just rootin around. i do want support and everything. i have my Meindl Alaskan for mountain activities. my regular boots are pretty well beat and am thinkin about goin to a hiking/backpacking/trekking version such as a pair of Scarpas or maybe Lowa? i dont know much about this breed... any input is appreciated! thanks! how are the scarpa kailash? helpppp! :confused:

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    My favorite pair of boots are those that fit me well. The name brand isn't as important as the boot fitting your feet well. Scarpa does make a good boot. How do they fit you?



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      yeah you are going to have to go put ur feet in them! each boot has a different feel. Scarpa makes some good boots, but there are others that may fit your foot shape better. If you go w/ a top brand like lowa etc and it fits well you have likely spent your money wisely. looking forward to seeing some pics of your new "kicks" keep us posted on what you pick out.


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        So you don't need a boot for serious mountain activities (a stiff boot for carrying heavy loads), you want a boot for simple hiking, etc, is that correct?

        I have the Scarpa SL M3 in the wide version. They are all leather and not waterproof. I love them and they are very comfortable. A family member used them and i doubted the lack of a waterproof membrane, but I use them now for about all hiking activities. For carrying heavy loads >60 lbs, I am going with a different boot. Do my feet get wet? yes, sometimes. Even aqueous nikwax isn't enough. But with OR croc gaitors, i do pretty well. i have about two years on them so far. scarpa makes good boots.

        the lighterweight asolos are also good boots, like the fugitive or FN95. I have used the fugitive and really liked it.

        There is also Vasque, Lowa and some others. Many of the Lowas have gotten very good reviews. Like the Trekker and Ranger. Kenetrek also makes some lighterweight hikers.

        Fit is the key. I feel that all leather boots without waterproof membranes are more comfortable and break in sooo much better. So depending on what you plan on using them for, you may want to consider a nonwaterproof boot. Many make models in a wide. but living in alaska, you may have to order them and ship them back if they don't fit, as selection for wides in anchorage is limiting.

        good luck!


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          Originally posted by hre814 View Post
          the lighterweight asolos are also good boots, like the fugitive or FN95. I have used the fugitive and really liked it.
          I have the FN95s which are waterproof. That are super comfortable and have worn them all winter hiking and snowshoeing and am REALLY impressed with the comfort they provide, more so than my lowas. However when the mountains and heavy packs are involved the Lowa's do have an edge. But for all my packrafting and scouting trips this summer when I am not planning on packing anything but my camp on my back I'll be using the Asolo FN95s.

          The can be had on Sierra Trading Post for less than $100 is you sign up for their deal flyer in your e-mail and wait until you get the 25 or 30% off footwear which they hand out a couple times a month. Great boots and would pay retail for them I like them so much, but I don't have to.


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            My father-in-law has had the FN95s for over 8 years. Has put a lot of miles on them (some hiking and backpacking, mostly just wearing them around everywhere) and they have lasted him this long. Still waterproof, tread is going though. He thinks they are a great buy.

            I have had the Fugitives and they leaked after 1 year in one boot. I returned them for a new pair at REI.


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              yeah i just need a boot for general rootin around. some LIGHT backpacking and the such. i know the best way is to try them, but being in Korea for the next few months its rather difficult. so basically im seeing if there is a general consensus on peoples favorite boot for such activities. ya know what im sayin? like im tryin to see who has the best built and most comfortable to them and such. Oh, and yes i would like to have gore-tex even if its just for the oh Sh&t factor which we all happen across at some point. Thanks!
              oh and ill be replacing the insoles when i order the boots. i hate factory insoles!!! blah!


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                also the lowa ranger gtx is a good boot as well, at least the reviews tell me that.


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                  My favorites so far are Keen Voyagers. Once they wear out, I'm going to get a pair of New Balance 1201's. I can only wear boots that have a large toebox, or I get foot pain.

                  I used to wear heavy, bombproof boots, but tried wearing lighter ones for a weeklong offtrail hike once and will never go back. They only last a few seasons and usually aren't resoleable, but I've been pleased so far.
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                    Where are you at in Korea? If you are relatively close to the Seoul area, head to the Dobongsan area. Its a subway/train stop a little north of Seoul about halfway between Uijongbu (Camp Red Cloud) and Seoul. The train lets off at the foot of the mountain which is also a national park there. There are lots of stores that cater to the hiking crowd from the train station all the way to the park entrance.

                    Some of the stores there sell top of the line German and Italian brand name hiking boots that you cannot get in the US. I picked up a pair of German made Hanwag boots there for less then $200 at the exchange rate at the time. You have to kind of look around, as not all of them sell them but the ones that due have great deals.


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                      im at camp humphreys for the most part. im kinda nervous about looking into foreign boots and or gear. i dont know whats considered a good quality brand. they could all look and feel great, but blow out in 1 mile. i need to look into all that! thanks!


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                        plus i imagine there are knock-off hiking boots just as there is knock-off everything else there.

                        for shoes, keens have a WIDE (understatement) toebox. i have their slip on mocs and they are very comfortable. but they offer only light hikers.


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                          Hanwag is probably one of the top boots in the world. They do not retail in the US now except for a few limited models through Lathrop and Sons, who charge way too much for them. My only regret is that I did not buy two pairs when I was there.

                          When I was there in 2006, there was two stores down there that sold Hanwags and both bad a pretty good selection of models from heavy backpacking type boots to lighter trail types.

                          If you are at Humpherys, Dobongsan is pretty easy to get to. Just take those buses that run between the camps to Yongsan. You can then get on the subway just outside the gate. Its about a 30 minute subway right to get there, and I think you have to switch trains at least once - its been a while.


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